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Flowers as a gift to your beloved friend is an excellent occasion to say without words how much you appreciate your friendship. A friend, like any girl, will be pleasantly surprised by such a flower surprise.

5 reasons to give flowers to a friend girl

To get into the top ten when choosing a bouquet, you should know about the preferences of your friend. Also a lot depends on the reason why you are going to give flowers. Among the most popular reasons to make a nice gift for a close one is:

  • Birthday – a bouquet of favorite flowers is the best surprise for this event;
  • International Women’s Day – spring flowers, for example, tulips or lilies of the valley, will be appropriate on this day;
  • International Day of Friendship – a holiday, which is celebrated on July 30, will be an excellent occasion to give flowers;
  • New Year – to complement the main gift with your favorite flowers will be an excellent way to emphasize how you value your friendship;
  • without a reason – to say without words how you value your friendship you do not need to look for a reason, a miniature bouquet is perfect for these purposes.

Also, when choosing a surprise for your beloved friend, you should follow the rules of floral etiquette. Do not give too large a bouquet on the birthday (if it’s not about the anniversary), because such a gift is considered as binding gift. When choosing flowers, consider the distinctive features of the girl’s character:

  • the composition with bright and large flowers will be appropriate to ardent and temperamental girl;
  • calm admirers of strict classics prefer bouquets in pastel colors;
  • young girls will definitely appreciate a bouquet with unrevealed rosebuds or lilies of the valley;
  • romantic members of the female gender prefer tender field flowers, for example, cornflowers and chamomile;
  • Extravagant girls usually like non-ordinary flowers, for example, orchids.

If your friend is a foreigner, then it is better to get acquainted with the etiquette of her native country before choosing a bouquet, because in different cultures the meanings ​​of this or that flower may be different.

Consider that red roses in most countries are traditionally associated with passion, and white – with eternal love and tenderness. In order not to provoke ambiguous situations, it is better to refrain from such gifts. But if your relationship with a friend is far from stereotypes and formalities, then you can not worry about this.

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