Flower delivery in Borshagovka

All flowers are delivered
at the indicated time and to the address you have specified.
Flowers are delivered at the time specified by you - Flower shop STUDIO Flores
Delivery is in the same day - Flower shop STUDIO Flores

Delivery flowers is in the same day.

The order of the bouquet must be done at least 1 hour before it will be received. The order of the author's composition in the box must be done at least 2 hours before it will be received.

Flowers delivery - Flower shop STUDIO Flores
Flowers are delivered to the specified address - Flower shop STUDIO Flores
Free Delivery - Flower shop STUDIO Flores

Delivery flowers is free when ordering is from 1200 UAH.

The cost of delivery flowers in Kiev is 110 UAH. Payment is available both in cash or by credit card.

In the last decade, more and more Kiev residents prefer to order services via the Internet: this saves time, money and effort, shifting the solution of problems and complex issues onto specialists. Flower delivery in Borshagovka is no exception: couriers on the Internet -store STUDIO Flores will accurately and punctually deliver bouquets to the residents of the Sobornyi and Sofievsky Kvartal residential complexes, as well as the entire Borschagovka as a whole. We work every day, delivering flowers in Kiev from 8.00 to 20.00 on weekdays and from 10.00 to 19.00 on weekends.

Choosing flowers on Borschagovka

Choosing a bouquet begins with determining the degree of closeness between the sender and the recipient. To make it easier for buyers, we have sorted the entire range of the site into categories.

  • VIP bouquets. This section of the site includes the most personalized compositions suitable for donation to the closest and most significant people. The same category includes exclusive designer bouquets made to order by florists. For bouquets from this section, luxurious hat boxes, gift boxes, exquisite decor and rare varieties of plants are used.
  • Compositions for loved ones. This category includes flowers that can be ordered for confessions, marriage proposals, expressions of passionate and tender feelings. This includes bouquets of scarlet roses, flower boxes in the shape of a heart, airy pastel compositions.
  • Bouquets for mothers. Flowers from this category are also suitable for other close relatives of the older generation. Here we have collected sophisticated, touching and soulful compositions expressing sincere gratitude, love and respect.
  • Flowers for a friend, colleague, friend. This section of the site includes flower gifts for people with whom the sender has a friendly or working relationship. Here you will find discreet bouquets of neutral shades, cheerful arrangements of bright flowers and complimentary bouquets.
  • Bouquets for newborns. The section of the site for the little ones collects compositions of hypoallergenic flowers in delicate shades that are safe for babies.

STUDIO Flores is also engaged in the creation of strict and brutal men’s bouquets. You can check the reviews for each song on the product page.

Flowers on Borschagovka: delivery service

The online store STUDIO Flores delivers flowers to the address indicated in the order form within 15 minutes from the desired time. A bouquet from the catalog must be ordered one hour before the estimated delivery time, and the author’s composition – two hours before.

When ordering more than 1200 hryvnia, delivery is included in the cost of the bouquet. Standard delivery price in the city for orders less than 1200 hryvnia is 110 hryvnia.

We deliver flowers on the day of your request, and also accept pre-orders.

How to buy flowers on Borschagovka

You can order flowers from us from anywhere in Ukraine. Couriers can deliver the bouquet directly to your home or the home of the immediate addressee.

To place an order, we need the phone number of the sender and recipient, the Kiev address where the flowers should be delivered, the desired time and date of delivery, and the customer’s email.

We accept payment in cash (with a personal meeting with the courier) or via the Internet. All online payments are protected by 3-D Secure technology. You can pay for flower delivery in Kiev (Borshagovka) using a bank card of the International payment systems Visa or MasterCard, as well as through PayPal.

We can deliver the bouquet anonymously without giving the recipient the sender’s name. You can attach a postcard with a wish or an oral message to the flowers. After the delivery of the bouquet, the Kiev courier can take a photo of the recipient with flowers and send it to the customer.