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Inexpensive bouquets of flowers


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If you want to make a pleasant surprise to your loved one, then it is not at all necessary to buy a bouquet for several thousand hryvnias, because an inexpensive bouquet is a laconic and always appropriate way to show your attention.

Professional Tips for Choosing Inexpensive Flower Gifts

Choosing flowers that cost you cheap but still look spectacular is an art. Professional florists and other specialists in the flower industry will reveal to you a few secrets that will help you buy beautiful flowers cheap:

  • buy flowers in advance (as a rule, urgent orders are more expensive);
  • if you want a lush bouquet, then choose not single-headed, but bush flowers, as they look more voluminous;
  • Look out for floral arrangements using wireframes as they are visually opulent and look exclusive.

Remember that the two main factors that significantly increase the cost of a flower arrangement are the presence of exotic flowers in the arrangement and the seasonality. Therefore, the best way to save money is to give preference to seasonal traditional cheaper flowers.

It is important to bear in mind that giving flowers that are too expensive is not only costly, but often not entirely appropriate. Floral etiquette assumes that huge and expensive bouquets are always a binding gift that can only be given to the closest people (or on the occasion of especially special occasions).

Among favorites in terms of price and quality ratio – roses from Ukrainian producers, peonies, chrysanthemums, tulips and daisies. Find out about the taste preferences of the person to whom you are planning to present a modest bouquet, and choose a beautiful surprise.

Where can I place an inexpensive flower order in Kiev?

If you want to buy inexpensive flowers in Kiev that will delight you not only with their attractive appearance, but also with their price, look at the offers from our online store STUDIO Flores.

The assortment includes exclusive floral compliments that will delight you with a low cost and originality of the composition. Some of our favorites from our flower shop:

  • Tiffany is a romantic flower arrangement in powdery tones using cream roses, carnations and ruscus;
  • “Bright Compliment” – a colorful and cheerful composition, which includes yellow tulips, yellow roses and lilac hyacinths, will surely bring you joy;
  • “Spring compliment” – a composition of clematis, sweet peas, carnations and roses will give the recipient lightness, joy and spring mood;
  • “Compliment with hydrangea” – this laconic and effective bouquet was created to remind you of your feelings;
  • “Pink Etude” – elegant and delicate roses in combination with a sprig of eucalyptus will give joy and tell about your love and gratitude.

You have several reasons to place an order in our online store:

  • impeccable product quality in any price category;
  • prompt delivery of flowers for cheap to any district of Kiev (ready-made bouquets – within an hour, and custom-made – within two hours);
  • affordable prices for the entire range of goods.

You don’t have to look for an excuse to make your loved one feel good, because with the flower shop STUDIO Flores you can create your own holiday!

Where to buy cheap flowers?

The online flower shop STUDIO Flores offers a wide selection from inexpensive to exclusive premium bouquets. What determines the cost of a bouquet? First of all, the number of exotic flowers in the bouquet and the size of the bouquet. Seasonality also affects its cost. For example, bouquets with peonies or hydrangeas are available almost all year round, but the cheapest peonies are in May, and hydrangeas are available in summer and September. Seasonality has practically no effect on bouquets with tulips, since they are grown almost all year round with a short break for the summer months, so you can always buy a cheap bouquet of tulips from us. Seasonality also has a very good effect on bouquets with a local rose. In summer, the costs of growing it from producers are minimal, respectively, in summer there are significant discounts on bouquets of roses from a local producer. However, this rule does not apply to imported roses, the price is always fixed.

Therefore, summing up, if you want to buy cheap flowers, pay attention to the seasonality of flowers and the size of the bouquet, do not be afraid to experiment, and STUDIO Flores will always help you with this.

Where to order flowers with delivery?

In the online store STUDIO Flores there are polite couriers who are ready to deliver your bouquet accurately and without delay to the specified address at home or in the office in Kiev. To order flowers with delivery is very simple:

  • just call the phone number listed on our website;
  • make a short request in one click;
  • place an order on our website online.

We recommend you buy a beautiful bouquet and arrange flower delivery in advance, so you can choose the most comfortable time for flower delivery.