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A bouquet of calla lilies – perfection created by nature

Tall and fragrant calla lilies are in themselves works of art created by nature. These exquisite flowers do not need additional tinsel, therefore, for floristic purposes, they are most often used to create elegant and strict mono bouquets.

Due to the variety of varieties and types of calla lilies, ready-made compositions can take various shapes and sizes and can be used both as a flowerpot decoration for the interior of the house, and as a gift bouquet at events organized on official and solemn occasions.

Callas are perfect flowers

The use of perfectly balanced beauty and splendor of calla lilies in floristry is a sure way to create perfect bouquets that will never go unnoticed. They can use laconic buds of the following shades:

  • white;
  • peach;
  • purple;
  • yellow;
  • wine;
  • orange, etc.

In accordance with the color of the callas chosen for the bouquet, florists will select ribbons and packaging materials that will give the composition a complete and complete look.

Calla flowers delivery to any district of Kiev

To please a loved one with a stylish composition of fresh flowers, it is not necessary to make adjustments to your daily routine in order to find time to visit a florist shop. Each client can buy a bouquet of calla lilies with delivery to any area of ​​the capital and be sure that the addressee will receive a spectacular flower arrangement on time. The bouquet will be unobtrusively presented by a polite and punctual courier with a sense of tact, and the customer will only need to choose warm words of congratulations, gratitude or gratitude for a note enclosed in flowers and intended for the addressee.

But in order not to miscalculate with the order, before confirming the application, it is worth discussing with the florists how the bouquets with calla lilies will look like. In particular, the following parameters are relevant:

  • type of packaging;
  • bouquet size;
  • filling it;
  • color scheme;
  • admissibility of using additional decor, greenery, etc.

The price is also important for customers, therefore the issue of the cost of a bouquet is also recommended to be raised in the process of registration in a flower shop an application for making a living arrangement of calla lilies, which among ordinary people have long had a reputation for expensive and status flowers.

Charming calla lilies – order a bouquet for any occasion

For special occasions, customers choose special bouquets. They always include elegant, sophisticated and win-win calla lilies, which are arranged and packed in one composition by the hands of talented florists. Calla lilies delivery is suitable as a gift for a birthday, wedding, anniversary and other outstanding dates, because the solid appearance and delicate scent of flowers will be a source of joy for the heroes of the occasion.

Calla lilies are also an ideal choice for romantic bouquets. With their help, you can express feelings of gratitude to loved ones, because the delicate look of flowers will not leave anyone indifferent. They will cause a sincere smile and joy at the moment of giving, and then will caress the eye for a long time, since the flowers, despite their external fragility, have excellent durability and retain their appearance for several weeks.

Regardless of the reason for ordering a bouquet of calla lilies, the friendly and helpful staff of the fresh flower shop will direct all efforts to ensure the quality of the order and carry out their work at the highest level. The bouquet will be assembled in the shortest possible time from fresh beautiful flowers, so the customer can be sure of the visual appeal, aesthetics and originality of the composition he bought.

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