Bouquet “The Magic Flute”

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Refined white bouquet with calla lilies and fragrant matiola.

7 snow-white calla lilies, 3 sprigs of matiola, 2 sprigs of oxypetalum and a sprig of eucalyptus.

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The sound of a flute is compared to the trills of a nightingale – the melody produced by a skilled musician is so heartfelt. The aristocratic heads of calla lilies rise in slender rows above oxypetalum and matthiola, and eucalyptus dilutes the floral greenery with a characteristic, unique shade.

“Calla is a bog vegetation. It blooms all summer and the first month of autumn. The flower prefers watering with settled, cool water. “

A snow-white shade is a priority for wedding bouquets. A man in love can give a young lady pink flowers. And if a woman is “over forty”, the burgundy-marsal components of the bouquet will look great.

Flowers delivery

Nobles and royalty living in the 16th century were forced to put up with the unpleasant smells of their homes. This was due to the lack of frequent washing of people, wearing wigs, an abundance of furniture in locks, and rare airing. To drown out the settled amber, rich people sent servants to the flower girls so that they could buy a lot of bouquets.

A little later, the first flower shops appeared in France, where, in addition to acquiring the required number of representatives of the flora, the workers knew how to make beautiful compositions.

We came to a flower shop when it was required to compose a secret message, the meaning of which was clear only to the sender and the recipient. Ladies decorated the hem of their hats with small floral motifs, men inserted flowers into their jacket pockets. The era of the development of theatrical art led to the fact that favorite actresses were sent huge baskets of flowers with meeting notes.

In the XX century, ordering flowers became available to all people. They began to be given on name days, women’s and men’s calendar holidays. The war winners were greeted with flowers.

In the STUDIO Flores online store you can buy your favorite option with flower delivery in Kiev.

Order a bouquet

Many people think: how is it to acquire flower arrangements without seeing them live? Similar to how you shop online. The photo will showcase the shades of the ingredients and the aesthetics created by the florist, and the description will give an understanding of the flowers used.

Do you always have enough time to stop by the flower shop? And if you remembered the need for congratulations late at night? All that remains is to order a bouquet with next day delivery and the easiest way to do this is online.
For prudent people, such cooperation is even more profitable. You fill out an application in advance from any, even the most exotic flowers – and we will deliver the necessary components at the right time and form a bouquet.


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