Birthday Bouquets

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Giving joy, delight and a smile, making Birthday memorable, is easier than it might seem at first glance. Beautiful flowers – this is always a relevant gift, thanks to which this day will be special for the birthday.

The subtleties of choosing a birthday bouquet

The choice of colors for a birthday man is a very important matter, and it is necessary to be guided not only by your preferences. Tastes of the culprit of the celebration, the significance of the date, age, sex and what you have a birthday boy are also important.

There are several important rules for flower etiquette:

  • As a gift, it is customary for a man to choose flowers whose buds are large (most often peonies, gladioli, tulips and carnations)
  • rich colors (for example, claret and lilac) are better for adult women
  • A bouquet of sensual scarlet color is a good gift for a lady of the heart
  • if you want to emphasize the tenderness and youth of the birthday girl, then it is worth presenting the composition in light pastel colors
  • Mom and a friend is better to just give your favorite flowers.

An interesting moment when choosing a flower shade for women – it is worth paying attention to the color of hair given. The culprit of the celebration will be photographed with a bouquet, so it is important to pick flowers that will look harmonious in the hands of the girl. Delicate pastel colors will look great in the hands of a blonde, white will suit a brunette, and for redheaded ladies it is better to choose compositions in which there is a lot of greens.

To avoid being in an awkward situation, it’s important to know about some common rules. For example, white flowers should not be given to a birthday person who is sick, because such a composition can symbolize mourning. If the culprit of the celebration is your colleague (or any other person whose relationship does not go beyond the scope of business), it is better not to present bouquets of passionate red and burgundy colors, since the gifted can interpret this incorrectly.

If you are going to give a flower arrangement without packing, then the stems should be cut off with thorns. And when you go to a birthday party for a man, it’s better to bring along a small bouquet-compliment for the woman with whom the birthday girl lives – mums, wives, sisters or a girlfriend.

Where can I buy the best flowers for the birthday boy?

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