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No one holiday can do without flowers. Today bouquets are given even on New Year’s Eve or on Easter to give to relatives a piece of good and joy. As a rule, it is customary to give thematic floral compositions for such holidays. So in this way you can congratulate a person, and cheer him up, and make an original gift.

How to choose the right bouquet for the New Year?

True symbols of the beginning of the year are the Christmas tree, tangerines, champagne and bright lights. But in recent years another beautiful symbol has joined them – New Year’s and Christmas wreaths, as well as floral compositions. They are universal, as they can be used as a gift or a decoration of your own home.

New Year or Christmas bouquet is different by features of decoration. Traditionally, florists use such materials:

  • branches of holly;
  • coniferous branches;
  • artificial flowers and ashberry branches;
  • New Year’s and Christmas figurines (angels, snowmen, snowflakes);
  • artificial snow;
  • ribbons and sequins;
  • sweets.

In addition, in such bouquets it is customary to use live flowers that will favorably emphasize the theme of the composition – irises, chrysanthemums, roses, dahlias, orchids.

How to choose the right bouquet on March 8?

With the approach of spring, every man begins to think about how to choose the perfect flower composition for his beloved, mother, sister, colleague or daughter. First, it is worth to pay attention to the age of the recipient, as well as your relationship with her. For example, to a little sister or daughter is better to give bouquets with unrevealed buds. They symbolize purity, tenderness and youth.

Choosing a bouquet to mother or grandmother, you can show your imagination and order the whole composition in a watering-can or a cup. The restrained bouquets will be perfect to colleagues or bosses. They symbolize reliability and respect.

The most common criteria for choosing flowers on March 8 are:

  • number of buds (three symbolize respect, five – tender feelings, seven – strong love, nine – passion and adoration);
  • a shade of flowers (white – innocence, red – passionate love, green – hope, pink – tenderness and parental custody, yellow – joy);
  • a kind of flowers (a tulip is a symbol of admiration, a rose is love, convallaria is inspiration and reciprocity, narcissus is of respect, daisy is of romantic feelings, lilac is of first love).

How to choose a bouquet for Easter?

Easter is a bright holiday, which symbolizes the victory of good, life and light. That is why the flower composition should be especially warm and gentle. Traditionally, Easter bouquets are bright and colorful. An excellent addition to them will be various accessories (eggs and Easter cakes). The most popular flowers for making such a bouquet are freesia, narcissus, hyacinths and carnations.

How to choose an autumn bouquet?

In autumn, too, there are many events that can be presented with a colorful floral composition. When composing such a bouquet it is very important to follow a certain gamut. Nature in the autumn is transformed, so you should use bright orange, yellow or red flowers. It is very important to think about the correct decoration. If it’s just an autumn bouquet, then you can use a basket or a straw hat. But for the composition of the popular in recent years, the holiday of Halloween is better to take a pumpkin or pot of dark color.

Where is it possible to buy bouquets for various holidays in Kiev?

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