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Canadian spruce

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Canadian spruce or picea glauca conica is a living coniferous tree in your home! Loves copious watering. Transplanting into the ground should be in a shaded area from April to May, in a well-loosened and moistened soil.

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Probably only New Year’s holidays give so much warmth, comfort and faith in a fairy tale or miracle. Therefore, we want so much that the holiday atmosphere was with us as long as possible. Therefore, the fashion to decorate a room for Christmas or New Year has been encountered more and more often since the end of November. However, a cut spruce will last no more than 2 weeks in good condition, so you can consider either its artificial counterpart or a natural spruce in a pot. It will give you the scent of pine needles and will stay in excellent condition until spring.

Do you think this is impossible? We recommend buying a potted Canadian spruce from STUDIO Flores, which will grow on your territory. In a few months, a beautiful seedling will turn into a small tree that can be planted on the street.

Miniature tree from another continent

“The Canadian version of spruce in nature grows up to 20-30 m. The decorative analog will not be able to achieve such indicators, its length will be 1-1.5 m. For growing at home, provide the plant with cool acclimatization with a temperature of + 3 + 5˚ C, without sunlight through the window. Do not forget about good watering and loosening of the soil. This will help the seedling to strengthen the root system, without wasting juices on maintaining the growth of branches and needles. “

A live spruce from abroad, which grows at home, is a real exotic. To order it for New Year, Christmas, take care of it now. In 2 minutes, fill out an online application, determine the delivery date in Kiev and wait for the representative of the STUDIO Flores courier service to bring the plant at the specified time.

Benefits of buying Konik spruce

1. Green home decoration. When there is snow or slush outside the window, it is so pleasant to look at the silvery-green branches of a coniferous tree and create conditions for its active growth with the beginning of spring.
2. Ecology in the company. Create a cozy corner by choosing an office decoration. Caring for the spruce is simple, and when it grows up, you can plant a tree near the entrance to the company.
3. To the dacha for friends. Picea Konica (a more familiar name for gardeners) will take root well from the northern or northeastern part, if you plant it near the fence.
4. For home garden vegetation collection. Fir and thuja are often left to grow around mansions, which perfectly purify the air. The light currant aroma emanating from the Canadian needles will create a wonderful aromatic aura on summer evenings. Some people in December decorate a Christmas tree growing near a private house – and it stands, hung with garlands, until the end of winter.
5. A corporate gift to colleagues and business partners. How to surprise a good supplier, intermediary, wholesale buyer? The Konik spruce, handed over before the holiday, will find its new owners. It will make a great New Year present with a long period of admiration.


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