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Exclusive bouquets of flowers

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Exclusive bouquets are a great opportunity to tell about your special feelings and emphasize the solemnity of the moment. With the help of such an elite bouquet, you can tell about your good taste, and the original look of the flower arrangement is unlikely to leave the recipient indifferent.

Premium bouquets: 5 reasons to donate

Floral etiquette implies that it is customary to give expensive flowers either on a special occasion or as a sign of serious intentions. Such a surprise is by nature obliging, although it is intended to evoke delight and joy.

Among the most popular reasons for presenting premium creative bouquets, it is worth highlighting:

  • anniversary – you will add a festive atmosphere to a round date if you present elite flowers;
  • discharge from the hospital – exclusive bouquets will help tell how grateful you are to your wife for having a baby;
  • marriage proposal – an exclusive bouquet complete with an engagement ring can melt the heart of any lady;
  • wedding – bright and memorable bouquets will certainly surprise the newlyweds, and expensive flowers will emphasize the elegance of the bride’s image;
  • a gift for no reason – the idea of ​​giving such a bouquet with Vip flowers will be appropriate if you want to literally shout about your feelings, confess your great love to a person.

It should be borne in mind that the bouquet is made exclusive not only by the presence of rare and expensive flowers, but also by the unusual design, original combination and non-standard shape of the bouquet and fruits. For example, flowers in a hat box can be a great gift.

Where can I order beautiful exclusive flowers?

In order not to miscalculate when choosing VIP-bouquets, trust only trusted stores whose product quality is beyond doubt. Our online store STUDIO Flores is your guide to the world of extraordinary flower gifts.

Some of our favorites include:

  • “Mirage” – a luxurious bouquet with peonies, hydrangea, roses, delphinium and monstera leaves;
  • a bouquet with ranunculus is a great composition in cream colors;
  • “Frisco” – is a stylish bouquet in white and blue colors, which is perfect for a gift to a man on the occasion of a solemn event (for example, an anniversary);
  • “Temptation”– a bright bouquet using several varieties of roses, designed to tell about passionate feelings;
  • “Sahara” – exotic phalaenopsis in surrounded by dyed blue tulips and mimosa in an original velvet hat box.

It is worth buying unusual flower gifts from us for several reasons:

  • free delivery of unusual bouquets when ordering for the amount of 1200 hryvnia;
  • the ability to deliver an order by courier to your home or office in any area of ​​Kiev;
  • order fulfillment within an hour, and if we are talking about custom-made compositions, then within two hours;
  • always fresh flowers with perfect appearance;
  • a huge range of VIP bouquets;
  • cooperation with professional florists who will help in creating an extraordinary composition.

Our assortment includes the most exclusive flowers regardless of the season. STUDIO Flores will be happy to help you make a custom, exclusive bouquet for the elite bright, flawless and gorgeous.

It’s so easy to create custom surprises with our flower shop that will cause genuine delight!

Where to buy luxury bouquets?

Beautiful premium bouquets can be purchased only in specialized florist shops. Such flower shops should have not only a large assortment of flowers, but also professional florist designers, because the creation of an exclusive bouquet is always a work of authorship that is never repeated.
In online store with flower delivery STUDIO Flores you can always buy an elite bouquet. Please note that premium bouquets are not always large flower arrangements. A VIP bouquet can be considered a small compliment in the form of several branches of a royal orchid or a seemingly modest laconic bouquet of a peony rose or ranunculus.

On the STUDIO Flores website you will find a large selection of exclusive premium bouquets created by the best florists in Kiev. Also, when creating luxury bouquets, special attention is always paid to the quality and beauty of the flower. Our florists always carefully monitor the freshness of flowers, so buying even a small bouquet from STUDIO Flores you can always be sure that its quality is of the highest class.

How much do the chic bouquets cost?

It is very easy to buy a gorgeous bouquet, you do not need to spend a fortune for this, you just need to order flowers on the STUDIO Flores website. In our online store you can not only order a small bouquet of compliments inexpensively, but also buy a gorgeous bouquet at a reasonable price. After all, the florists of the flower shop STUDIO Flores know how to combine and think over a bouquet so that it looks chic and inexpensive.

How to buy VIP bouquets?

To buy an exclusive bouquet of VIP class, you do not need to travel far. You can order flowers with delivery remotely:

  • Call us at the phone number listed on our website
  • Choose your favorite bouquet on the website and fill out a form for a call back.
  • Fill in the full form with all the data of the recipient. This form is especially convenient if you are abroad and want to pay for your order right away.

If you liked a bouquet on the site, but you want to change its size, for example to make more, then you can contact us in any way convenient for you and discuss the details of the order.

Also, our florists will be happy to make a VIP bouquet for you according to your individual requirements and with the composition of flowers that you wish.