Irises bouqet

Selecting a bouquet of irises

Fresh flowers – what could be more beautiful and beautiful? Delicate and delicate petals, amazing color palettes, subtle and subtle aroma, drops of nectar – those words that can briefly describe the beauty from a fresh bouquet of flowers. It is fresh flowers that are able to convey the warm feelings of the giving person, his sympathy and love. It is important when choosing, to be guided by their symbolism, then an ordinary bouquet can become a hidden message.

Iris – what the flower represents

Iris is a beautiful flower that belongs to the category of perennial herbaceous plants. The unique name of the flower comes from the times of ancient Greek mythology, from the name of the goddess Iris, who, according to the legend, had delicate rainbow wings. Perhaps, it was precisely by the external similarity of the petals of the irises that they acquired their name. The literal translation of the word “iris” from Greek means “rainbow”.

Popularly, these flowers can be found under the name of a cockerel or an iris. In the natural environment, they can be found in almost different colors and sizes, breeding forms can amaze with their unique structure of the inflorescence.

Often, when buying a bouquet, many do not think about what it can symbolize and mean. So, when buying a bouquet of iris, you should know that this flower is a symbol of friendship and favorable attitude. The cockerel is also considered to be a symbol of strength, masculinity and dedication. These characteristics are related to the appearance of the plant – a thick stem and strong leaves cannot be perceived otherwise, moreover, they have a strong root system that can shoot for decades.

Bouquet of irises – ideal for a man’s gift

A bouquet of irises is an ideal gift for a man. At least that’s what the Japanese think. In this eastern country, it is customary to keep a talisman in the form of a living bouquet or herbarium of this amazing inflorescence. The reason for this is its beneficial effect on the health and spiritual balance of the male half of the family.

This culture became known in Russian floristry at the end of the 19th century. But, cockerels gained particular popularity at the end of the 20th century. It is customary to give them to men because of their extremely strict appearance, pointed leaves and elastic stems. Such a composition would be appropriate as a presentation to an official. You can soften the severity by presenting a bouquet of multi-colored irises.

Florists love to use them in their works as they look very harmonious in compositions, if it has a strict, laconic look and small size. You should also pay attention to the choice of color. Blue and violet are more strictly perceived.

A rare red iris can be regarded by a man as a manifestation of great feelings and passion, but unfortunately, only residents of the Far East can show such a thing, since it grows there. If a man’s event is filled with a great event and positive, for example, a wedding or the birth of a child, light shades of iris will do, from white to delicate yellow, pink or orange.

Order flowers with delivery

It is possible to buy a bouquet of irises in any variety and color if you turn to the online store. Friendly and attentive staff will help in choosing a particular variety, florists will offer options for compositions, advise on the delivery and storage of a bouquet.

It is also important that flower delivery can be done at a convenient time for the client. At the same time, there is a guarantee that the bouquet will be executed in the best possible way and created from the freshest representatives of the flora. The price for the bouquet and delivery will surprise even the most demanding customers.

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