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Bouquet with sunflowers

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It is always pleasant to give flowers, and today there is a great choice. Yes, roses are recognized as classics, but more and more often users choose other, no less interesting compositions, decorated according to all the rules of a good design tone.

Sunflower bouquet – what it symbolizes

The unique plant symbolizes the warmth of feelings, optimism and the sun. It is worth buying beautiful bouquets of sunflowers for presenting to people close to you, but not necessarily to those with whom you have a romantic relationship. They are given to colleagues at work, relatives, as a rule, people with a creative vision of the world.

Previously it was believed that a composition consisting only of sunny plants is suitable for presenting to males. However, according to the design rules, if a sunflower is framed with other buds or accessories, that is, it is part of the composition, then it can be presented to both men and women. In short, the plants symbolize the postulate “your presence in my (our) life warms”.

One more thought, which is symbolized by a bouquet of sunflowers: let everything be fine financially. The postulate came from Feng Shui, where gurus recommend using more yellow to attract good luck and material wealth. It is recommended to place live and even artificial sunflowers in apartments, houses, offices, and if it is not possible, then it is worth hanging a picture with their image. Fortunately, many famous artists turned to this topic: paintings depicting large buds of sunflowers are in the arsenal of Claude Monet, Van Gogh, etc.

Sunny bouquet of decorative sunflowers

In appearance, sunny flowers will seem a little simple to someone, probably because they are associated with a rural field, strewn with “freckles”. However, the seeming simplicity hides the need for careful design of the composition. The options in which these varieties are present are considered quite difficult in terms of the selection of color accents, greenery, and accessories. For example, it is even easier for amateurs to form a pretty composition of classic roses and greenery, focusing only on their intuition, rather than to create a masterpiece with sunflowers. Most often, designers use:

  • Accessories in the form of small, medium and large baskets, they can be woven or uniform. Suitable artificial or natural rattan, special hat boxes, etc.
  • It goes well with blue, light blue, green, black shades, for example, lily of the valley leaves, hydrangea, lupine, ruscus, eustoma, eringium, tulips, and this is not a complete list.
  • The peculiarity of the “sun plant” in the abundance of sizes. The heads are quite miniature, slightly larger in diameter than asters or dahlias, but nature also endows with larger specimens. Usually, designers take miniature or medium variations of sunflowers, which look more aesthetically pleasing, graceful.

Bright bouquets with the addition of sunflowers

For special occasions like weddings, anniversaries and other important family celebrations, designers create true splendor with the addition of bright color accents or, on the contrary, stopping only at miniature sunflowers with a little greenery. For brightness, choose red tulips, burgundy roses, poppies, irises, gerberas and more. Plus, buds with a similar color scheme are suitable: chrysanthemums, chamomile, lilies.

No wonder that flower delivery with sunflowers for special occasions is so popular. Here, a purely practical component is also taken into account, because these representatives of the flora are among the most persistent, they do not wither for long days or even weeks, maintaining the saturation of color, their original form. Only their heads tilt slightly downward, which also looks touching and romantic.

Order sunflower delivery at a bargain price

You can order this magnificence at any time. A professional salon is a guarantor of quality and affordable cost. For many users, the first place is, however, not the price, but the beauty of the design, durability, originality in the creation of design compositions.

Sunflowers are also loved because they are perfect for people of all ages: young romantic people, middle-aged and older people. Almost every professional salon or online store has come across orders for delivery not only to corporate events or to home, but also with orders of sunflower compositions for delivery to specialized institutions, sanatoriums where older people are resting, recovering, undergoing treatment, and loved ones want them support morally. It is for this versatility that sunflowers are valued – these elegant, vibrant representatives of the flora. They are a symbol of warmth, life, rebirth, a call for optimism.

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