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Corporate gifts for March 8, flowers for colleagues on March 8 with delivery in Kiev

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Women, beauty, spring, flowers – all these words are consonant and inseparable, especially when a wonderful and beautiful holiday March 8 comes. Although opinions about the origins and ideology of this day have recently divided, the modern meaning of the holiday as a tribute of respect and love for women, as well as the tradition of giving gifts to lovely ladies will live forever.

Features of corporate bouquets

All the male population of our country on March 8 congratulates their close women – wives, mothers, daughters, beloved girls, etc. In addition, colleagues, collaborators, partners also accept congratulations on this day. And if you know the tastes and preferences of the native person, how to please a girl with whom you are only connected by business relations, how to make a pleasant surprise to her, but at the same time observe the rules of etiquette?

Corporate bouquet is a special kind of gift, which should be:

  • Laconic, strict and in minimalist style. It can be one chic rose or an armful of beautifully packaged gentle identical flowers , for example, tulips.
  • At the same time, it must emphasize the solemnity of the moment and reflect the atmosphere of the event. Gorgeous roses can be combined elegantly with delicate greens, sprigs of eucalyptus, pistachios and eustoma.
  • Take into account the status of a colleague. To young employees you can give flowers with unrevealed buds of pastel shades. Compositions of lilies, orchids and chrysanthemums are perfect as gift to the main woman or woman-partner.
  • Also in the bouquet should be observed all the rules of floristry – the harmony of the color range, the location of plants and the combination of textures.

For stylish bouquets for women-colleagues are ideal such flowers:

  • tulips;
  • daffodils;
  • callas;
  • irises;
  • peonies;
  • lilies;
  • gerbera.

Where is it possible to buy elegant corporate bouquets on March 8?

You can congratulate the employees with the International Women’s Day conveniently, easily and simply with the help of our online store:

  • we can pick the same flowers for all ladies and also if you wish we can make diverse compositions for different departments of your company;
  • to decorate a chic flower basket for the boss or an important business partner;
  • composition and combinations of plants you can choose on your own and coordinate with our florists;
  • you can decorate with floral masterpieces an office, an assembly hall or a banquet hall and hand them to the women at the end of event;
  • you can order the delivery of compositions to any area of ​​Kiev;
  • pre-order is required from 5 bouquets, and in the case of an order of 10 or more bouquets, there is a system of discounts;
  • we guarantee you that the flowers will be fresh and juicy, they will smell of spring and happiness, and their price will fit perfectly into your company’s budget.

Moreover, you can order flower compositions on March 8 for:

  • employees of the bank that serves you;
  • school teachers;
  • institute teachers and any other collectives.

Our bouquets will not leave anyone indifferent and will bring joy not only to beautiful ladies, but also to men who will hand them over.

Why is it important to place a corporate order for flowers for colleagues by March 8 in advance?

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1. Development of an individual offer + +/
2. Getting a corporate discount + +/
3. Choice of delivery time + + +/
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