Wedding floristry

Wedding floristry

Preparing for a wedding is an exciting period, during which happy couples, inspired by stylish ideas from Instagram and Pinterest, have the opportunity to think about the triumph of the celebration with floral compositions. However, modern floristics for a wedding is not only decoration of the hall. This is the creation of the original bouquet for the bride, the choice of the format of the boutonniere for the groom, the preparation of flower arches, the decoration of the tables and serving items.

Bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere

The most important attributes of this holiday. They complement each other and make the image of the bride and the groom completed.
Bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere
Decoration of the wedding by flowers in Kiev

Decoration of the wedding by flowers in Kiev

Customers tastes are different. One couple likes the classic elegant design, and the other - cutting-edge floristics, the principles of implementation of which have only recently been published on the pages of a fashionable gloss about weddings. Considering this, specialists show an individual approach to work with each customer, and in accordance with his ideas about the perfect wedding ceremony, they offer an original, stylish and effective decoration of the celebration with flowers. More of our work can be seen on our page at Instagram

Trend of the season: wedding decoration with fresh flowers

The choice of wedding flowers speaks about the sense of style and the presence of individuality in the views, so young people, working with florists, are not averse to spending a little time studying the current trends until they find the perfect solution for decorating their own celebration with flowers. One of the key trends that characterize the wedding floristics of the current season is using of fresh flowers. Among them are:

  • ranunculus, dahlia, lisianthus;
  • chrysanthemums, peony-shaped roses, succulents;
  • eucalyptus, orchid, phalaenopsis;
  • cymbidium, sprigs of rosemary, etc.

There is no more pleasant feeling for a bride than to receive a bouquet on the wedding day, filled with fresh, fragrant flowers, grown with love and hand-picked by talented florists.The decoration and design of hall for ceremony will make the couple and guests feel no less vivid emotions, because the atmosphere will be filled with fragrance and colors.

Among studio florists and couples focused on style and eco-awareness, this trend is becoming more common, so the price of fresh flowers is gradually decreasing. Suppliers offer a varied assortment of local and exotic plants at an affordable cost, taking advantage of this, florists offer to couples stylish floral accompaniment for a wedding that does not hit the budget of a young family.

Florist for the wedding – turn celebration into a fairy tale

Collaboration with a professional florist is a sure way to give the wedding ceremony the right atmosphere. The specialist will feel the mood of the couple and, taking into account individual requirements, will fulfill the harmonious design of the celebration. By adding candles to flower composition, he will add a romantic attractiveness to the banquet hall, and additional depth to its atmosphere.

If young people are interested in progressive solutions in the field of floristics, then bouquets will be created for them, the key feature of which is an unusual shape. Instead of neat, compact ways of laying out flowers, florists will collect deliberately disheveled, asymmetrical or cascading compositions that will transform tables and flowerpots by their spectacular looks. In the process of working with such clients, masters from the flower shop will rely on a huge amount of greenery in the compositions and using of colored ribbons in bouquets.

In addition to the traditional pastel shades, in the floral design of the wedding can be used bright warm colors. The now fashionable is “greenery” shade, which in the bridal bouquet is a symbol of vital energy and prosperity, can be combined with a purple, sky blue, orange color. Also mono-bouquets of roses, callas, peonies or alstromelia, associated with elegance and simplicity, will look beneficial.