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Bouquets for 1 September

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The Day of Knowledge is an exciting holiday not only for pupils, but also for their parents. Everyone wants everything to look perfect: ironed school form, a new briefcase, clean copybooks, and a beautiful bouquet. The choice of a flower composition for September 1 is a more complicated task than it might seem at first glance.

How to choose a beautiful bouquet at 1 September?

In preparing for the Day of Knowledge, it is important to understand that each flower carries a semantic load, so it is not a good decision to go to the market and buy the first composition, that you see. Consider these recommendations in choosing a floral gift:

  • size matters – stylish bouquets of compact sizes are always in priority, because huge and pretentious flowers will simply hide the face of the schoolchild;
  • the laconism of the packaging always is appropriate;
  • learn about the tastes of the teacher – perhaps he gives preference to a particular sort of flowers;
  • safety for the child – first of all, that’s why a wire and a thorns should be excluded;
  • a spectacular bouquet by the whole class – an excellent solution for a gift, because it will look much better in the vase on the teacher’s desk than dozens of different flower bouquets;
  • trust only reliable shops – flowers that will already lose their presentability and freshness on the day of September 1, hardly will bring joy to anyone.

As for the choosing of the sorts of flowers, among the teachers’ favorites are roses, orchids, gerberas, lilies. However, each teacher pays more attention not so much to flowers as to the original design, so an unusually decorated composition of sunflowers and chamomiles also is suitable.

If you listen to florists, then the most suitable for teachers will be:

  • lily and camellias – they help to express admiration;
  • violets, roses, lavender – tell, that you are fascinated by person;
  • carnations, hyacinths and chrysanthemums – help to express respect.

But color is also important. Pink is traditionally associated with youth and modesty (suitable for a young teacher), white speaks about purity of intentions, and saturated red and burgundy color is not always associated with passion, they also allow us to talk about appreciation and respect.

Where is it possible to order a spectacular bouquet on the Day of Knowledge?

A spectacular gift should be chosen in advance, especially when it comes to the long-awaited meeting of the child with the school. Our online store STUDIO Flores is the best solution for parents and schoolchildren who are used to always be on top.

We will please you with such advantages:

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  • the help of florists in composing author’s compositions.

You need just a few minutes to select and order a flower composition, and your issue with the bouquet will be successfully solved! To give sincerity, to tell about appreciation and respect, and just to emphasize the solemnity of the moment are so simple when there is a flower online store STUDIO Flores!