Flowers delivery in Podil

Все цветы доставляются
в указанное Вами время, по указанному адресу.
Flowers are delivered at the time specified by you - Flower shop STUDIO Flores
Delivery is in the same day - Flower shop STUDIO Flores

Доставка цветов в тот же день.

Заказ букета необходимо делать минимум за 1 час до его получения. Заказ букета в коробке необходимо делать минимум за 2 часа до ее получения.

Flowers delivery - Flower shop STUDIO Flores
Flowers are delivered to the specified address - Flower shop STUDIO Flores
Free Delivery - Flower shop STUDIO Flores

Бесплатная доставка цветов при заказе от 1200 грн.

Стоимость доставки цветов по Киеву – 110 грн. Доступна оплата как при получении наличными так и банковской картой.

Making a gift for loved ones is easier than it seems: sometimes it is enough just to order flowers to Podol. A bouquet does not have to be luxurious and expensive: you can buy inexpensive but favorite flowers to support a significant person in difficult times, congratulate him on an important event, or simply remind him of your warm feelings for him. Flower studio STUDIO Flores delivers bouquets to Podil and other districts of the city. Our couriers approach their duties responsibly and diligently.

Flowers on the Podil

The best recommendation for choosing flowers for a person is to find out which plants he loves more than others in order to compose a prefabricated composition or mono-bouquet of them. If it is not possible to ask the addressee of flowers about tastes or a person simply does not have a particular favorite variety, florists recommend choosing classic plant options.

  • Roses. Universal flowers that are equally well suited as a gift for a woman and a man, young and mature, close and business partners. Of the restrictions – it is undesirable to order scarlet roses for someone other than beloved ones, white ones do not recommend giving to the elderly, and it is better to leave roses with small buds only for the young. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and marriage proposals are the best reasons to give roses.
  • Tulips. Touching and graceful tulips are considered a symbol of spring, therefore they are usually presented in spring: on Valentine’s Day, March 8, Mother’s Day. Our flower shop in Podil cooperates with greenhouses of Ukraine and outside of it, thanks to which bouquets with these delicate plants are available on our website all year round.
  • Peonies. Lush and fragrant buds fit perfectly into wedding bouquets, compliment compositions, gifts for the anniversary, graduation and the last bell. You can order fresh peonies from us at an affordable price at any time of the year. Important: florists recommend giving young people half-closed flowers of delicate shades, but adults can be pleased with a bouquet of blossoming peonies in rich shades.
  • Eustoma. Light, airy flowers with a subtle unobtrusive scent will be a good gift for a first date, congratulations on a professional holiday or personal date. A wide variety of eustoma shades allows you to choose the right one for any occasion.

Flower delivery in Kiev (Podil)

The online store STUDIO Flores delivers flowers in Kiev, accepting orders from any city in Ukraine. Our courier service works daily, delivering flowers to the desired address from 8.00 to 20.00 on weekdays and from 10.00 to 19.00 on weekends.

We deliver flowers on the day you contact us, and also accept pre-orders for the delivery of bouquets on any desired date. It will take us one hour to deliver ordinary flowers across Podol, and an order for VIP bouquets and prefabricated author’s compositions should be placed no later than two hours before the desired delivery time. The courier service works quickly and punctually: the maximum delay from the delivery time specified by the client is 15 minutes.

You can order flowers to your home or office, in a cafe, cinema and any other place. In addition to the address, we need the recipient’s phone number to report the delivery. The courier can take a photo of the recipient with flowers and send it to the customer so that you can see with your own eyes the quality of the service. You can also order flowers on Podil in Kiev anonymously. You can pay for your order in cash, through Visa and MasterCard banking systems, as well as through PayPal.