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The subtleties of wedding floristry

A wedding is an unforgettable celebration that divides the life of any person into before and after. On this day, you want everything to be perfect – the ceremony, outfits and, of course, decoration. Every girl wants to be irresistible on her wedding day. After all, all eyes are on her. Therefore, you need to think over your image to the smallest detail.
 Subtleties of wedding floristry -

Wedding floristry

is a whole science based on the inspiration of creative people, which deals with the transformation of desires into reality. Florist is a decorator, designer and even a bit of a psychologist who subtly senses the desires and moods of clients. Only florists can create a fabulous atmosphere with flowers. Therefore, this direction is gaining more and more popularity around the world every year.

What is included in wedding floristry?

Wedding floristry covers the following stages of preparation for the celebration:

Registration bride’s bouquet and groom’s boutonnieres.
Decoration of the exit ceremony and the hall (flower arches and other decorations).
Car decoration.
The bride’s bouquet should be delicate, light and durable. After all, the girl spends most of the day with him. The most popular is the round shape, but small bouquets in the form of a cascade look no less elegant. As a rule, the stems of flowers, tied with a ribbon, are used as a handle.

Roses are timeless classics, which is why most brides prefer them. They go well with other colors. Another great option for a bridal bouquet is a composition of wildflowers. Delicate, small flowers will be a great addition to a wedding dress. Recently, more and more exotic flowers have been used in compositions, for example, orchids, calla lilies, protea and eucharis.

When decorating the venue for the celebration, every detail is taken into account:
-the theme of the wedding;
– wishes of the bride and groom;
-number of guests;
– the size of the room.
Of course, without special training, it will not be possible to decorate the hall beautifully. And besides that, there are always enough worries. Therefore, it is better to entrust such an important part of the training to professionals. The same goes for car decoration. Indeed, when choosing flowers, it is necessary to take into account their resistance to wind and speed. Accordingly, the compositions must be woven in such a way that they do not disintegrate during the ride.

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