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What the orchid bouquet symbolizes

Orchid, a plant brought to our land from the mysterious east, has always attracted people in addition to its majestic appearance with its special symbolism. Depending on the occasion, this flower can carry the meaning of true friendship, emphasize the originality of a person, talk about true love, and so on. In the east, the Orchid is often depicted on their canvases by artists, thereby symbolizing the unity and sophistication of the soul. In ancient times, the Orchid was given only to very influential or amazingly beautiful people.

So bouquets with orchids are a kind of compliment, emphasizing the attractiveness and charm of a particular person. There are quite a few varieties of this flower: wanda, phalaenopsis, cymbidium. Their petals can have a different appearance and color, be velvety, or, conversely, smooth with a small edging. Such a wide selection of goods allows each person to choose the perfect shade for a particular event, and present a truly royal bouquet to your chosen one or a loved one. Our florists will be happy to help you create as inexpensive bouquet with cymbidium and luxurious composition with royal phalaenopsis.

Orchid is a luxurious flower for a special occasion

A special day requires special gifts. This is what most modern people think. If you are planning to attend the birthday of a special person, congratulate a colleague on an important event or make a marriage proposal, then it is simply impossible to imagine a more suitable gift than a bouquet of orchids. By itself, this elegant flower is filled with the charm of solemnity and sophistication. He will best be able to convey your good intentions and emphasize your attitude towards a particular person. Moreover, such a a bouquet of flowers simply cannot leave anyone indifferent. The main thing is to correctly choose the shade of the orchid, and to make the composition well, in which the experienced forists of the online flower delivery store STUDIO Flores will certainly help you.

Orchid types: which to choose for a gift

This issue is best taken seriously. After all, the shade of the flower and the variety can say a lot about your secret desires and attitude towards a person or his holiday. Choosing a red orchid can mean your passion and love, and black orchids are the perfect gift for a successful person. Relatives often choose white or lilac flowers as a gift. The latter are also suitable for creative and creative people. If with your bouquet you want to express your warm feelings, friendship, then the best option would be pink, yellow orchids or purple vanda.

Referring to florist services , you can count on creating a truly unique and outstanding bouquet … A specialist will easily tell you which shades are better to use, or which bouquet is better to choose. It is worth noting that all the bouquets in the photo presented on the site are made exclusively by talented florists of the STUDIO Flores store, and when choosing a bouquet, you will get the same great result. Of course, the price for such a bouquet will not be the cheapest, but this floral arrangement looks very rich and really magnificent.

I like the orchid – you can order with delivery from us

Sometimes there is simply not enough time to pick up a gift, plan an evening (in case of a date) and go for a bouquet. This is what the delivery service of our store exists for. The order itself will take you no more than 10 minutes, and while the florist is creating a flower masterpiece for your chosen one or hero of the occasion, you can do more important things.

It should be noted that the bouquet can be delivered to the customer, or solemnly handed over to a person by an experienced courier. Such a surprise will make an indelible impression on any woman, and will leave only fond memories in her heart. In addition, flowers will delight the eyes for many more days, because when creating our compositions we use only freshly cut flowers with a wonderful aroma. That is why, if you have decided to buy orchids with delivery, then you should contact our online store STUDIO Flores. Our employees never let their clients down, and they know how to give real joy.

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