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Peonies bouquet

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Where to buy peonies cheap?

A bouquet of peonies is probably one of the most desired bouquets for a girl. Unfortunately, in our latitudes, local peonies bloom only once a year for 3 to 4 weeks in May. The rest of the time, if you want to please a loved one with a bouquet of peonies, then only their foreign counterparts will be available. The cheapest peonies, local and foreign manufacturers, can be bought in May. You can buy various varieties of local peonies both from your grandmothers on the street and in STUDIO Flores. Since our online store with flower delivery works closely with local manufacturers who increase the assortment of flowers from year to year, the price of local peonies in May is the same as for our grandmothers who trade in the markets.

How much do peonies cost?

The price of a bouquet of peonies depends on the time of year and the demand for a flower. For example, the most expensive peonies in February and early March. This is due to the fact that the peony season is coming to an end, and a new one will begin only in April. In addition, in the winter months are not the most favorable conditions for their cultivation, so their cost is maximum.

The cheapest peonies are in May, and if you want to buy a bouquet with peonies in the summer – at the beginning of autumn, then the price will be quite affordable. That is why in the summer months so often brides order a wedding bouquet with peonies.

Please note that in the flower shop STUDIO Flores you can buy peonies cheap almost all year round.

Can I buy peonies in the fall?

If a beloved wants to give her a bouquet of peonies in the fall, then you can quite fulfill her dream by ordering peonies in STUDIO Flores. In autumn, peonies of white, pink and burgundy are available. True flowering of white and burgundy peonies usually ends by the end of September, and pink bloom almost until the beginning of November. However, like any flower, peonies are subject to climatic conditions, so the timing of the beginning of flowering peonies and the end of the season each year can be different. Therefore, we recommend that you order peonies in advance in the fall, at least one week in advance of the event.

Can I buy peonies in winter?

It is possible to buy peonies in the winter, but it is worth remembering that their cost is very high since they are equated with exotic flowers and unfortunately their cost is very high. Of the varieties in winter, only pink peonies Sarah Bernhardt are available to order. If you decide to buy a bouquet of peonies in winter, you can safely contact our online store with flower delivery STUDIO Flores and we will be happy to help you realize someone’s dream.