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Tulips bouqets

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Can I buy tulips now?

Thanks to modern technology, Dutch flower growers grow tulips almost all year round. However, tulips still show seasonality. The peak of the tulip bloom season occurs in late February – early April. During this period, the largest number of varieties blooms. Then, for several months, flowering is on the decline and practically stops by the end of June. The new tulip season begins in late August. If you need to buy a beautiful bouquet of tulips, the online flower delivery store STUDIO Flores will be happy to help you with this. However, if you need to buy tulips outside the flowering season, we recommend ordering tulips in advance – one week before the appointed date.

How much are tulips?

In our flower shop STUDIO Flores you can buy the best varieties of tulips from Holland at a low price. You can familiarize with actual cost on our website in the section «Flowers by the piece»

Where to buy tulips in the fall?

Beginning in late August, a new season of flowering tulips begins. However, since tulips in the fall are still exotic for us. Since we are used to the fact that tulips are a spring flower, tulips in autumn can be bought at floristic companies that present a wide selection of flowers and beautiful bouquets. In the online store STUDIO Flores you can buy tulips almost all year round inexpensively.

Where to buy tulips in the winter?

In the flower shop STUDIO Flores you can buy a bouquet of tulips in winter. Since their buds are sensitive to frost, we recommend ordering tulips with delivery. Then they will be safely and carefully delivered to the recipient and will please you as long as possible.