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Can I buy tulips now?

Thanks to modern technology, Dutch flower growers grow tulips almost all year round. However, tulips still show seasonality. The peak of the tulip bloom season occurs in late February – early April. During this period, the largest number of varieties blooms. Then, for several months, flowering is on the decline and practically stops by the end of June. The new tulip season begins in late August. If you need to buy a beautiful bouquet of tulips, the online flower delivery store STUDIO Flores will be happy to help you with this. However, if you need to buy tulips outside the flowering season, we recommend ordering tulips in advance – one week before the appointed date.

How much are tulips?

In our flower shop STUDIO Flores you can buy the best varieties of tulips from Holland at a low price. You can familiarize with actual cost on our website in the section «Flowers by the piece»

Where to buy tulips in the fall?

Beginning in late August, a new season of flowering tulips begins. However, since tulips in the fall are still exotic for us. Since we are used to the fact that tulips are a spring flower, tulips in autumn can be bought at floristic companies that present a wide selection of flowers and beautiful bouquets. In the online store STUDIO Flores you can buy tulips almost all year round inexpensively.

Where to buy tulips in the winter?

In the flower shop STUDIO Flores you can buy a bouquet of tulips in winter. Since their buds are sensitive to frost, we recommend ordering tulips with delivery. Then they will be safely and carefully delivered to the recipient and will please you as long as possible.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

How to trim tulips?

Tulips are one of the few flowers that do not require special care. Thanks to the soft stem, consisting of a large number of capillaries, moisture easily enters the bud and nourishes it. Therefore, having received a bouquet of tulips as a gift, you just need to trim the flowers with a sharp knife or pruning shears perpendicular to the stem to form a fresh cut at an angle of 90 degrees. It is strictly forbidden to trim tulips with scissors or a dull knife. Since in this case the stem is crushed and the capillaries are clogged, and the flower will no longer receive a sufficient amount of liquid. We recommend trimming a bouquet of tulips every time you change the water in the vase.

Please note that flower delivery does not eliminate the need to trim tulips before placing them in water.

How to store tulips in a vase?
The lifespan of any flower in a vase is influenced by the following factors:
  • the original freshness of the flower;
  • natural life possibilities of a cut flower;
  • following the rules for pruning flowers;
  • ensuring there is enough clean water in the vase.
Tulips are one of the easiest flowers to care for that exist. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why tulip bouquets are so popular. However, let's recall simple rules to ensure that your bouquet of tulips lasts as long as possible:
  1. having received the bouquet, trim the flowers with a sharp knife perpendicular to the stem;
  2. Pour cold water into the vase so that the stems are immersed in water no more than 5-7 cm. Why don’t tulips need a lot of water in the vase? A tulip is a flower whose stem is saturated with capillaries through which water freely flows into the bud. The more water in the vase, the more active the processes associated with the growth and then withering of the flower will occur in the flower.
  3. don't forget to add a special powder to the water, which we always add to our bouquets. This is a special product that prevents the development of bacteria in water and slows down the rate of development of cut flowers.
  4. do not forget to change the water in the vase in a timely manner. An indicator of replacement is its cleanliness; as soon as the water in the vase becomes cloudy, this is a signal that it needs to be replaced. When changing the water in the vase for your tulip bouquet, repeat all the steps described above from the beginning.
When is tulip season?

It is generally accepted that the tulip season begins from the beginning of February and lasts until the beginning of May, however, thanks to domestic and foreign breeders, tulip bouquets have become available almost all year round. The only exception is the summer months, and even in summer you can buy a bouquet of tulips.

How is such year-round availability ensured? - thanks to their varietal diversity. From February to April, the number of tulip varieties available for order reaches its peak. Then, from mid-April to early June, the color palette is significantly reduced, and from the end of August tulips are gaining popularity again.

What is remarkable is that even the color palette of tulips is synchronized with the seasons. If in June mostly white tulips are available for order, then in August, when nature paints everything in bright orange, burgundy, red colors, initially tulips of bright colors become available for order, and only then, with the onset of cold weather, bouquets of delicate tulips appear in the assortment white and pink shades.

Please note that in order for the bouquet of tulips to retain its original aesthetic appearance as soon as possible after the bouquet was assembled by the florist, we recommend using our flower delivery. This will help avoid freezing of tulips in the winter months and rapid opening of the buds during the hot period.

How many tulips are given on March 8?

What recommendations can we give on “how many tulips should be in a bouquet on March 8th?” For corporate orders, we recommend considering bouquets in quantities of 11-15 pieces, because this is exactly the case when attention is more expensive, and not the bouquet itself.

If you want to thank a person for work done or service provided, then a bouquet of 17 to 21 pieces will be most ideal.

Well, for loved ones, we recommend giving a bouquet of 21 pieces or more.

We are also often asked questions about how many different colors of tulips can be mixed in one bouquet - our recommendation is from 19. The fact is that if you mix different colors of tulips in a bouquet with a smaller quantity, this will visually emphasize the volume of the bouquet (in this case small) and their number.

Please note that we recommend placing an order for flower delivery for holidays, such as March 8, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or September 1, at least 1 week in advance.

What are the advantages of ordering flower delivery earlier:

  1. opportunity to choose a convenient delivery time;
  2. for pre-orders, the cost of flowers is always lower than a few days before the holidays and can reach -10%-15%. This is due to the fact that flowers are reserved from gardeners, also at more affordable prices than a few days before the holiday. However, this does not affect their freshness in any way.
  3. For pre-orders, the range of bouquets to choose from is always much wider than a few days before the holiday.