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What does a flower basket look like?

A basket of flowers can be attributed to classic floral bouquets. In the modern world, baskets have a more elegant look and began to fulfill a more decorative function than before. Therefore, a modern basket with flowers has become a more elegant gift and competed with flowers in hat boxes.

Also, modern baskets have many sizes, so florists can easily collect in them a small compliment bouquet or a luxurious exclusive flower basket.

If we talk about a small basket in the form of a compliment, then it will be appropriate as a gift as a sign of respect for Mother’s Day, a girlfriend or beloved girl, or as a bouquet for the teacher on September 1.

Large baskets are usually given for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or for a significant event in a person’s life. Also, such baskets are often presented to managers from colleagues or business partners.

In STUDIO Flores you can always order a beautiful basket with flowers of any size. Our florists can make both the flower arrangement of your choice on our website and make an author’s basket with flowers according to your individual wishes.

Where can I buy a basket of flowers?

A basket of flowers can be bought at STUDIO Flores at any time of the year.

Please note that most often in the spring they order baskets with lilacs and tulips, in the summer with peonies, in the autumn roses and ranunculuses dominate in the baskets, but in the winter baskets with flowers lose their position, because gift baskets are more desirable at this time of the year for the New Year holidays.

How many flowers are usually in a basket of flowers?

The number of flowers in a basket depends on its size. For example, baskets with 51 and 101 roses or tulips are in demand. Smaller compliment baskets can count from 4 to 7 flower varieties, larger compositions up to 9-11 representatives of the plant world. But so that the flower basket does not turn into a forest clearing, STUDIO Flores florists skillfully place accents and highlight the main and auxiliary flowers that help create a gradient and give a bouquet a texture.