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Flowers are an important part of the life of any person. The newborn baby with his mother are met from the maternity ward with a bouquet immediately after the birth, in the first class the child carries flowers, and on the most important days of life, everyone recieves colorful compositions.

Actually, there are so many different reasons for presenting such a gift. Flowers are needed for everyone. They are a sign of respect, gratitude and thankful.

How to choose a bouquet to mom?

Mom is the closest and native person for everyone. And everyone wants so much to please her with pleasant trifles. And what could be more pleasant than a bouquet of her favorite flowers? Choosing buds should always be made carefully and attentively. After all, how long flowers can please your mother will depend of their quality. It is very important to pay attention to the symbolism of each plant:

  • carnations – mean longevity, so they are great for such an important person as your mother (with their help you can wish her long years of life and good health);
  • roses – a classic, which is a symbol of tenderness and special feelings (do not give red roses, because they embody passion, it is better to choose creamy, burgundy or white colors);
  • gerberas – symbolize a good mood, joy and happiness (such a bouquet will look in a special way on a gray autumn day);
  • chrysanthemums – a symbol of longevity and abundance;
  • lilies – symbolize femininity, sincerity and greatness, so they are best suited to bright and extravagant women;
  • callas – it’s purity, youth and cleanliness, so it is better to give such a bouquet to girls who are just going to become mothers.

Monobouquet or a composition of different flowers are perfect for mom. You can also add interesting and colorful accessories.

How to choose a bouquet to a girl?

Girls are very fond of flowers, so they need to recieve them as often as possible. If you want to express your special feelings with the help of a composition, then you should use these recommendations:

  • almost all women love roses, and red roses will tell about your love and passion in the best way;
  • bright and colorful gerberas are perfect for cheerful and energetic girls;
  • carnations can be given to young ladies, because they are very gentle and will help to give a good mood even on a cloudy day;
  • lilies – delicate and beautiful flowers that will help you to tell about trembling feelings, and thanks to the presence of different shades of lilies, you can make interesting compositions;
  • chamomiles are different by its special grace, that is why they will perfectly suit as a gift or surprise on any day;
  • chrysanthemums can be given even without a special occasion, because these flowers can bring joy for a long with its freshness and pleasant aroma;
  • tulips – if you want to tell about your tender feelings, then choose an armful of fresh tulips of various colors.

With the help of a spectacular bouquet you can instantly win the heart of your beloved girl.

How to choose the right bouquet to a man?

Choosing flowers for a man or a guy, it is very important to remember the personal qualities of a person. The main features of a man’s bouquet should be: power, self-confidence, strength, charisma, knowledge of one’s strength, steadfastness and intelligence. That is why such compositions are always different by sharp and clear lines, clear outlines. Imagine a man with a bouquet of lilies of the valley or dandelions – he will look at least funny.

Most often for the creating of a male bouquet are used gladioli, chrysanthemums, delphiniums, irises, roses. If a person likes to think outside the box, then an anthurium or calla composition can be perfect to him. It is very important to pay attention to the color of the buds – it should be bright colors.

Where is it possible to buy a bouquet for a holiday or a special event in Kiev?

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