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Bouquet “Flirt”

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Delicate girlish bouquet in peach shades. Perfect as a compliment bouquet to congratulate on a great start to the day, and it will become a wonderful floral souvenir for your gift. The bouquet will come in handy for Mother’s Day or to congratulate a colleague on his birthday.

Astilba sprig, eucalyptus, Juliet bush rose, eustoma sprig, David Austin peony rose Juliet and freesia sprig.

If you want to buy a bouquet for your mother, but are confused among our variety of flowers and bouquets, we recommend that you pay attention to this bouquet, as the florists of the flower shop STUDIO Flores noticed that mothers love warm or delicate shades. Order flowers with delivery in Kiev on Mother’s Day. Make a gift to your closest person!

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Bouquet is a dialogue without words. Every woman loves attention and surprises. Flowers are magical accessories that can do more than a phone call or just a postcard. Ordering flowers is much faster and easier than buying from a flower stand. And flower delivery in Kiev will resolve the issue of the need to “build” one more thing into a busy work schedule.

When to give

The response signal for receiving a bouquet will always be a smile, the formation of a tender feeling of love, gratitude, and sometimes the necessary forgiveness. If you managed to do something wrong by offending your mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, then the decision to buy a bouquet and make amends is simply necessary.

Ordering flowers can be timed to coincide with a specific holiday. But if you don’t want to wait long, then you don’t have to choose a specific reason. Thanks to the wide range of products in the online flower shop STUDIO Flores, you can always diversify your presentations, choosing what you want among modest and chic compositions.
Bouquet “Flirt” will help your beloved meet the beginning of the day in an original way, be the first to receive congratulations on her birthday, appreciate your attention based on strong feelings. The light shade of a bush rose is originally combined with peas, astilba and gypsophila, recalling the delicate palette of tones of a dawning morning.

Bring and deliver

There is one important rule when presenting a bouquet: flowers must be presented fresh. To order a bouquet online with delivery, just dial the phone number of our flower shop or fill out an electronic order form on the website. The second option is preferable for those who suddenly realized the opportunity to please their beloved, and this happened, for example, during a break between football matches. What to do, men are like this: suddenly an idea came to mind and it must be urgently implemented.

If you wish, you can buy one bouquet or attach sweets, a postcard, a soft toy to it (all products are available on the site).

In the STUDIO Flores online store, you can always buy online fresh flowers of various varieties, various shades and shapes. In our flower shop you will find fresh and high-quality imported and local flowers at affordable prices. Also in our online flower shop you can buy inexpensively a bouquet of flowers with tulips and a rose in delicate pink shades.


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