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The secrets of a perfect wedding with a modest budget

02 July
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How to make so that wedding photos will be perfect, the guests will recall that day with admiration and newlyweds will be able to save some of the budget for a new family life?

  1. Plan your budget and decide how much you are willing to spend on: wedding dresses, a banquet, a photographer, music, photo zone and floristics.
  2. Subtract 20% from this amount.
  3. Think about what style you want your wedding to be and … contact a florist-decorator.

If you do not resort to the services of a wedding manager, then a good florist-decorator, relying on your wishes, can always recommend how to find a good photographer (we use their services) where to hold a wedding (as we have extensive experience in designing weddings or other celebrations at different places) based on your budget, your subject and what the options for floral decoration of the wedding are within your budget.

In order that the floristics on a wedding are the most budgetary, but looks beautifully you can:

  1. Use seasonal flowers, greens and berries. After all, summer and autumn – this is a great time for the abundance of flowers and colors.
  2. Use dishes and restaurant furniture for tabletop floral compositions and other design ideas.
  3. Use the natural landscape for holding outdoors ceremonies, because a beautifully decorated tree can serve as a very beautiful photo zone.
  4. Each wedding is unique and each wedding has its own recommendations in the design.

Why did we decide to write seemingly such obvious things? – because when you face something new for yourself and try to solve the issues by your own, you want to understand what to start with and how to act.

And remember – good florists and decorators first of all think about how to use the allocated budget for floristics as efficiently as possible, and on which decorations or design ideas you can save, so that it will not be to the detriment of beauty, because every work of the Flores floristry shop is our business card.

We wish all young people that you all have the perfect wedding, that your dream will come true, love and harmony will always live in your family!

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