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Corporate orders by STUDIO Flores

What is important for any company?

It does not matter what the organization does – the sale of household appliances or the design of houses, any company needs customers. And what attracts the person who came to you in the first place? Of course, the atmosphere and design of the place in which he is.
The main task of professional florists is to decorate an office space, to make it unusual and memorable. Exactly floristic will help to create a unique character of the company, its image. This will contribute both to building relationships with existing customers and attracting new ones. Also, live design will make the office more comfortable for the employees.

Corporate service

We are a flower shop with a name and positive feedback about our work. Our employees know a lot about flowers: from bouquets to interior design with the help of live plants. We offer:

  • congratulating partners and customers for strengthening your business relationship;
  • decorating of business meetings or presentations;
  • creating a festive atmosphere and mood in the office;
  • congratulations for colleagues on holidays;
  • greening of the office.

Rest assured, your guests and business partners will be pleased with the meeting. At the same time, your employees will be inspired by the amazing design of their jobs.

Why are we confident in our abilities?

We know that:

  • our team of experts not only understands flowers, but also has good taste;
  • we control the quality of floral products from the moment they are purchased to the delivery of the finished work to the customer;
  • the flowers you ordered will arrive at your destination on time, while being fresh and fragrant.

What is your benefit?

If you become our client once, then you can take advantage of the opportunities. And we should tell about them in order. Services of our flower salon are:

  1. Budget savings of your company – up to 20%.
    You do not have to spend fabulous amounts for self-receiving gifts. In addition, we will offer our client a special discount program, as well as special corporate rates.
  2. Work with a personal manager. This means that a manager will be attached to your company, he will take care of the timely congratulations of the employees, compliance with the corporate identity of your company in the decorating of the office, and will not forget to take into account the personal preferences of your partners.
  3. Making up an individual congratulatory schedule. You only need to give us a list of dates on which it is necessary to congratulate certain people. Next – it’s up to us, we will in time give the gift to every one of your list.
  4. Detailed reports of the work done. You will know: how much money was spent and for what exactly; who, for what reason and which bouquet was sent.
  5. Convenient payment. As soon as we sign a contract, you will be able to pay for the provided services at the end of the month.