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How to choose a summer wedding bouquet

29 April
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A marriage is a significant event that you don’t want to overshadow either in word or deed. That is why it is so important to choose a congratulation and a gift for the newlyweds, taking into account all wedding beliefs and traditions. The choice of flowers for congratulations follows the same rules: a wedding bouquet should symbolize well-being, express your best wishes and harmoniously fit into the general style of the banquet. In this sense, the easiest way is to choose gift arrangements for a couple who decided to get married in the summer: a wide variety of flowering plants allows you to make a beautiful and “correct” bouquet.

Which wedding bouquets are not allowed

The choice of a composition intended for donation to the bride and groom should start from the opposite: first of all, you need to know which plants should not be included in the wedding bouquet under any circumstances.

  • Mono-bouquets of red roses. Scarlet roses are a symbol of the giver’s passion, so only the groom can make such a gift to the bride.
  • Yellow flowers. Buds and inflorescences in yellow tones are considered a sign of betrayal and infidelity, therefore, they can be included in the bouquet only if the newlyweds are not superstitious. It is better not to give mono-bouquets of yellow plants even to those who do not believe in prejudices. Purple bouquets should also be treated with caution: many people consider this color a symbol of sadness.
  • Heaps of chrysanthemums. Austere compositions of these flowers look too formal in the context of a wedding, and in some countries chrysanthemums are considered a symbol of mourning.
  • Camellias, daffodils and gladioli have a reputation as a controversial plant: in the culture of many peoples, these flowers are considered harbingers of grief, sadness and separation.
  • Lilies and calla lilies are also controversial flowers: some consider these plants “masculine”, and therefore do not recommend including them in a bouquet for a wedding. In addition, liliaceae give off a strong aroma, which can be unpleasant and heavy if the ceremony is held indoors.

    A living potted plant is also considered an inappropriate gift: even if the bride is fond of gardening, it is recommended to refuse to give indoor flowers.

    Stylish wedding bouquets for summer ceremonies

    Summer wedding bouquets are made taking into account the theme of the holiday: a gift suitable for a celebration in a natural style will look inappropriate at a glamor wedding and vice versa. To choose the perfect bouquet, ask about the theme and venue in advance. We will tell you about the most popular summer wedding styles and what compositions can be chosen for each of them.

    Classic style

    Beautiful bouquets for a wedding in a classic style are made from plants of pastel-delicate shades: white, muted pink and mint, ivory and golden. To create the composition, you can use Pierre de Ronsard roses, eustoma, tea roses and peonies.

    Greenery style wedding

    The basis of a bouquet for a greenery wedding is a large amount of greenery: branches of eucalyptus, pistachio and ruskus, myrtle or ferns. Beige, powdery, creamy plants, as well as ivory buds and champagne are added to the composition as accents. For this, peonies and peony roses, jasmine, anemones, as well as Augusta Louise roses are suitable.


    For a boho wedding, you can choose exotic flowers – protea, orchids, succulents in burgundy shades, all shades of brown, blue and white. You can collect a bouquet of dried flowers – the cost of such a composition will be minimal, but its appearance and compliance with the holiday atmosphere will surpass all expectations.

    Eco-style (rustic)

    Gift arrangements for a rustic wedding should consist of simple flowers. This is the only case when florists recommend using wildflowers: chamomile, poppies, cornflowers, lavender. The bouquet can be supplemented with hypericum berries and ears of corn, and twine, burlap or linen ribbons can be used as decoration. The palette of the bouquet is natural.

    Vintage wedding

    A bouquet of flowers for a wedding in a vintage style should be airy and light. Such bouquets include powdery, white and cream roses, white peonies, beige carnations and double tulips. The compositions are decorated with lace, satin ribbons and pearls. Ornamental greenery is almost never added to vintage bouquets, keeping its amount to a minimum.

    Provence style wedding

    For Provencal weddings, they create bouquets in milky white, olive green, lavender, terracotta and sandy shades. Bells, freesia, lilac, hydrangea, peonies and asters are chosen as filling for bouquets. A small sprig of basil or rosemary can be added to the bouquet for an authentic scent.

    Glamor Wedding

    For glamorous weddings, they create lush bouquets dominated by classic varieties of roses and Piano roses, peonies and ranunculus. The palette of compositions includes shades of white, pink, cream and beige. Bouquets are decorated with plain satin ribbons or gilded decor.

    Industrial Wedding

    For a loft-style banquet, they create disheveled bouquets full of greenery and natural motives: they will contrast well with the cold, restrained industrial interior. Modern wedding bouquets in industrial style are created from peonies, eustoma, ranunculus, irises and lotuses. You can decorate the composition with organza or floral mesh.

    Craft Banquet

    To congratulate the newlyweds in the craft style, you can make an unusual bouquet of dried flowers or give them a composition of fresh flowers, packed in an envelope or a bag made of craft or newsprint paper tied with twine. Flower mixes are created from buds of both pastel and bright shades. Peonies and tulips, freesia, roses, gerberas and carnations can be used as filling for such bouquets. A sprig of eucalyptus or pistachio will dilute the composition.

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