What houseplants are healthy?

23 September
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Human is a part of nature. Surrounding yourself with live plants is necessary not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for your health. Some pot plants are essential for maintaining health and wellness.

Flowers that should be in every home

The choice of home flora is large enough, and it is difficult to determine what is right for you. There is a small list of house flowers that will perfectly fit into any interior and at the same time bring a lot of benefit to the owner. Such plants are endowed with various medicinal properties and have an incredible aura.

Aloe is a popular flower among gardeners – a flower that is hardy and does not require special care skills. Many people choose him as a home doctor. At night, it actively absorbs carbon dioxide, filling the air with oxygen. Well suited for a kitchen and rooms with non-standard conditions: high temperature, excessive light, or vice versa – its disadvantage.

Orchid is popular as a doctor, which is different by a huge selection of its varieties. People are attracted by the unique and charming appearance of the plant. But at the same time, there are varieties that are used in traditional medicine and even in the confectionery craft.

Houseplants with unique properties

People who are interested in omens for sure pay attention to the callas. It is believed that they favorably affect the energy atmosphere, mitigate negative trends. If you are interested in beliefs and dream of real female happiness, then the spathiphyllum will be an excellent choice. It is different not only by its exotic appearance, but also by its unique properties. Its proprietress will always be happy.

There are options that are most suitable for certain premises. Choosing a handsome green man for a bedroom, you should pay attention to the specifics of the content and useful properties. The plant should tolerate well light shade, have a pleasant appearance and positive characteristics. In this case, zamioculcas will be indispensable. To get a healthy and restful sleep, just put it near the bed.

Are you not afraid of difficult care for your “pet”, and you are looking for something bright and unusual? So heather was created by nature just for you. This is an evergreen shrub that can become a real highlight in the interior. During flowering, it is covered with many small bells. Not everyone is ready to take care of such a handsome man, but the result will be worth any spent effort. You will get a lot of pleasure from the contemplation of this miracle of nature and will be able to surprise guests with such luxury.

How to care for houseplants?

Using plants in the interior, it is worth remembering that they need care as nothing else. Simple manipulations and warm words will make your home garden colorful and lush.

But before you run to the kitchen for a glass of water for a new “pet”, learn the rules of care, which include the following parameters:

  • temperature conditions;
  • air humidity and spraying rules;
  • types of fertilizer;
  • transplant rules;
  • suitable materials for the pot.

Some home flowers do not require frequent watering or special temperature conditions. But there are also sensitive to the slightest changes – they need specific fertilizers and they are demanding to the type of soil. Therefore, it is necessary to know the features of a green friend.

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