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Now it's easier checkout for Roses. Market site flores shop will create refined happy birthday boxes for a boss or a friend. Section Hydrangea bouqets satisfy wishes the most scrupulous clients. Favorable prices for Bouquet of 19 ranunculus, Satin flamingo star, Easter bouquet "Idyll" will allow you to buy convenient and cost-effective. Gentle delivery Pechersk and to other districts of Kiev. Professional decorators https://flores-shop.com.ua/ inexpensive make any edible composition. Bouquet of 3 white hydrangeas — compositions for a good mood at attractive prices.

Bouquet of 3 white hydrangeas

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Unforgettable cloud of snow-white hydrangeas! Very delicate and memorable bouquet.

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Blossoming hydrangea will give you elegance and charm. Everyone who loves this flower considers it suitable for any dates: from weddings to anniversaries. Symbolic meanings are quite diverse. It is a wish for good, happiness, beauty, reverence, gratitude, wealth. In the esoteric interpretation, a bouquet of hydrangeas opens the way for the lady to acquire inner strength and dominance.

“The hydrangea is native to eastern Asia. More than 80 varieties of a marvelous flower have been bred, which pleases with its lush caps in spring and summer.

A bouquet of “3 white hydrangeas” is ready to testify to your feelings towards your beloved. It will become a grateful accent for the service rendered, help to congratulate the girl on graduating from school or university, and emphasize success in building a career. Flowers are ordered on the website using the online form.

How to make a bouquet of flowers for a girl

The white shade is considered a symbol of virginity and purity of intentions. It looks perfect in the hands of blondes, brunettes, burning brown-haired women. In a branded hat box, an elegant basket, such flowers look especially cute. How to order bouquets at STUDIO Flores?

  • Symmetrical variation. Used when composing large compositions. A small white flower is placed in the center, three pink ones are placed around it, and five flowers of blue tone are behind them around the circumference.
  • Artistic “mess”. The florist takes 7-9 caps of hydrangeas in different shades and places them in a free order. Flowers resemble a motley meadow. The combination of hydrangea with gypsophila looks spectacular.
  • Cascading. It is shaped like an inverted triangle. In the upper part there are 3-5 balls, at the bottom it remains one. Such a composition is usually purchased with delivery.
  • Someone wants to buy a round bouquet in white. It is also called “bride”, as it is very suitable for the white dress of the newlywed.
  • Give a bouquet for mother’s day, daughter’s coming of age, wife’s birthday, congratulate the boss – hydrangea will cope with any task. Specialists from the flower shop will add a decorative “zest” to each composition. We give the recipient of 3 hydrangeas free flower delivery in Kyiv.

    Composition with hydrangeas online

    It is preferable to order a large bouquet in honor of the holiday. If a serious occasion is not expected in the coming days, buy a plant compliment online. In our online store, even one flower will be beautifully packaged. Flowers delivery in Kyiv is carried out for any purchase amount.

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    Mono bouquet








    Anniversary, Birthday, Date, Just because, Last Call and Graduation, March 8, Mother's Day, September 1, Teacher's day, Valentine's Day, Wedding




    For a boss, For a colleague, For a daughter, For a girl, For a girlfriend, For a kid, For a mom, For a newborn, For a sister, For a teacher, For beloved, For wife

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