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For 9 months, a husband and wife get used to the fact that soon their family will increase by one more member. And no matter how many times the future mother gets to the hospital, both spouses are always worried and are looking forward to counting the days until the heir appears. Grandparents are also expecting a baby.

The STUDIO Flores company makes author’s bouquets for the statement. The purchase of flowers is usually done by a happy father, who worries about many questions: what is given at the birth of a girl, what composition will demonstrate to others that a boy was born, etc.

Recommendations from a flower shop

Not all flowers are suitable for a special occasion. Representatives, inside which pollen is collected (lily, peonies, tulips), it is advisable to leave fragrant buds for another reason. Dried flowers will begin to collect dust on themselves, which is undesirable for the room in which the newborn child will be.

For those who follow the traditions of their ancestors, preferring to bind the male crumbs with a blue ribbon, and the female with a pink ribbon, we advise you to dwell on a similar range in plant compositions. If you think differently, order flowers with delivery according to your own ideas. For those who are confused by the abundance of offers, our employees will recommend which bouquet to buy for the birth of a child (girl, boy, baby and toddler at once).

Flowers delivery in Kiev by our own courier

Having congratulated his beloved on the birth of a baby by phone, the young father will want to celebrate a pleasant event with friends. On the eve of his wife’s discharge from the hospital, he will rush about, feverishly remembering whether everything has been bought. And if you can order a bouquet in an online store in advance, then there is not enough time to pick it up, as usual. You can ask friends or relatives to do this, but there is another way that will not disturb other people. It’s about buying flowers with delivery.

Having added 110 UAH to the order amount, you can, with a clear conscience, delete from the list the task of getting flowers in your hands. For those who purchase a composition worth more than UAH 1200, we will bring it free to any address in Kiev.

Children are born regardless of economic and political events in the country, parental income and weather. Congratulate the young mother beautifully! If you want to thank the staff of the medical facility who took the delivery, the nurses who dressed the baby “on the way out”, order bouquets in a hat box that are convenient to put on the table, window sill.

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Why it worth to buy Bouquet for newborn in online flower shop STUDIO Flores?

Reasons to order Bouquet for newborn from us:

  • our flowers are always fresh
  • great variety of assortment
  • the ability to order flowers delivery to Kyiv and suburbs

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What is the most popular service you provide?

The flower concierge service is very popular. You order a bouquet of flowers from us in advance and tell us the date and address of delivery. Flowers delivery to Kyiv or satellite cities will be carried out by us within the agreed time.

I doubt what should I choose from the category Bouquet for newborn?

Our professional florists will be happy to help you choose the right bouquet and answer your questions by phone +38 098 484 49 73. Also, you can always come to our flower shop at: Kyiv, st. Voskresenskaya 14b and choose flowers with a florist, or order flowers with delivery.