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No one wedding can do without flowers. They decorate the newlyweds’ car, they are used on the banquet tables and in the hall, the groom attaches a buttonhole to his suit, and the bride carries a gentle bouquet in her hands. Guests of the wedding, too, bring with them floral compositions to present them to the newlyweds and congratulate them on the most important day in their life.

How to choose the right wedding bouquet?

To choose compositions for the celebration quickly, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • the language of flowers – each plant carries its own symbolism, so it is worth to choose a bouquet according to these characteristics;
  • color of bouquet – it is very important to choose the right combination of shades, and do not forget about the overall design of the wedding;
  • the form of composition – small bouquets are considered more appropriate for a wedding, because they do not take up much space.

With the help of these tips you can create a unique bouquet that the newlyweds will definitely like and it bring them positive emotions.

Red roses or other red flowers at the wedding are considered inappropriate, as they symbolize passion and strong love. Also, do not choose gerberas, because they mean flirting. It is best to choose gentle pastel shades, which are a symbol of purity and innocence.

You can create a bouquet for a wedding from the convallaria, dahlias, pions, because they symbolize fidelity, joy and love to life. Lilies, asters and orchids are symbols of tenderness and elegance. If the newlyweds are your close friends, then you can create a bouquet of chrysanthemums, which means friendship.

If you want to gift a bouquet to a bride and groom separately, then consider that to the man is more approporiate a restrained composition. Choose green and blue tones and an elongated shape. It is better to give flowers directly in the basket, in order to the newlyweds or witnesses do not need to look for a vase. Florists add a sponge soaked in water, so that the bouquet is kept fresh and beautiful for long.

What flowers are best for a wedding?

A wedding is a special celebration. Therefore, always want to give the newlyweds something pleasant and unusual. The flower composition can always be made unique and unusual. The main thing is to approach this matter with all seriousness. Such flowers can be used as a wedding gift:

  • roses are definitely the most solemn and popular flowers that symbolize passion and eternal love;
  • ornamental plants and branches – according to professional florists, a bouquet with jasmine, lilac or honeysuckle branches will bring luck and happiness to the newlyweds in the family life;
  • spring and field flowers – chamomiles, buttercups, forget-me-nots, lilies of the valley, cornflowers symbolize tenderness and sincere love, that’s why they are the best for a wedding bouquet;
  • chrysanthemums – they look solemn and elegant;
  • lilies – these flowers conquer at first sight by their luxurious beauty, they are also a symbol of prosperity and sufficiency;
  • callas – for a long time they are considered to be an amulet for the newlyweds;
  • orchids – exotic flowers that look particularly romantic and tender.

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