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Round Date — this is an excellent occasion to please the culprit of the celebration with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. But at the same time, it’s not necessary to choose the first song that’s found, because there is a flower etiquette, and everything from “color” and “flowers” and ending with “nbsp” is meaningful.

How to choose the right bouquets for the anniversary?

Before you give that or another flower arrangement, it is worth to find out how many years the jubilee is celebrating. The color of the bouquet depends largely on age in :

  • 20-year-old girls will be appropriate to give delicate roses of pastel shades or wild flowers, emphasizing youth and the beauty of the gifted
  • for the nineteenth anniversary, tulips will be appropriate as a symbol of love or gerberas as a hint of sympathy
  • 30-year-old people can be presented with a bouquet of pink roses that embody both tenderness and greatness
  • On the day of the 40th anniversary, lilies, dahlias or gladioli will be appropriate, emphasizing that the jubilee crosses the threshold of a mature life
  • On the occasion of the 50th anniversary and the subsequent anniversaries, it is worth giving compositions of deep purple or burgundy shades (for example, peonies, chrysanthemums and roses)

Regarding the number of flowers in the bouquet, the tradition is traditionally to present exactly as many colors as the years of the birthday, if the number of years is odd (and even if there is even one flower). At the same time, on any occasion, any magnificent composition will do. Also, be sure to consider the taste preferences of the culprit of the celebration.

Regardless of how many years the jubilee celebrates, there are some general rules for choosing bouquets for the case of round dates:

  • the composition must be voluminous and expressive in order to emphasize the significance of the event
  • White color is exceptional — It’s suitable for people of any age,
  • If the birthday is — man, then look at roses, carnations, orchids, chrysanthemums and gladioluses of saturated hues.

Be sure to take into account the peculiarities of the language of flowers, because each flower in the bouquet for the jubilee will help to tell more about your feelings and wishes:

  • Hydrangeas are bestowed as a wish for abundance and “joy”
  • with the help of pions wish wealth and fertility
  • Lilies speak of devotion and charity
  • hyacinths are given to emphasize the beauty of a female person;
  • Carnations emphasize courage and courage of the gifted
  • Chrysanthemums are given to pay attention to the high position in the society
  • Callas — it’s a symbol of respect and trust
  • orchids — emphasize the sophistication and selectivity of the originator of the celebration;
  • tulips are given as a wish for happiness;
  • roses — it is a symbol of respect, love and beauty.

To denote the solemnity of the moment, you can choose songs that are decorated in a non-standard way. For example, you can emphasize the special significance of an event with using colors in a basket or a hat box.

Where can I order beautiful flowers for anniversary?

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