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Bouquet of tulips with Ginestra

Easy peasy buy Gerberas. Online Market flores shop can advise stylish autumn wedding bouquets for Valentine's Day or other holiday. Ruler Tulips bouqets will be able to please the desires scrupulous buyers. Truly affordable prices for Bouquet of flowers with chamomile and hyacinths, Bouquet "19 roses O'Hara", Helium balloon Elsa allow to take without unnecessary costs. Address sending Pechersk and to other districts of Kiev. Professionals STUDIO Flores at a good price will embody any of your floral ideas. Bouquet of tulips with Ginestra — best gift at good prices.

Bouquet of tulips with Ginestra

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Fragrant ginestra and spring tulips, a complimentary bouquet that will bring spring and a great mood right now!
The most memorable gifts are gifts that are given without a reason!

The bouquet contains 11 tulips and a sprig of ginestra.


Is the holidays for women over on March 8? Officially, yes, but you can turn every day into a great opportunity to confirm your love feelings, form gratitude, and put a smile on the face of a person dear to your heart. Classic bouquets of one type of flowers were slightly pushed aside by the author’s compositions of florists capable of creating a miracle from modest representatives of the plant world.

Flower compliment, gratitude, feelings

It has been repeatedly proven that a woman loves not only with her ears, but also with her eyes. A suddenly presented composition will leave memories of your noble deed in your heart for a long time.

11 tulips with Ginestra will give human warmth and tenderness. The composition is not designed for a solemn presentation, it symbolizes sincere feelings that can be shown on any day. The combination of yellow and pale pink buds symbolizes life and romance in all its manifestations, and the lilac branch of the Ginestra (surprisingly, the name of the plant is translated as “broom”) brings a “flavor of the fields”, reminding of how freely wild plants grow in nature.

Adjust to age and preferences

Despite the fact that, according to generally accepted opinion, girls choose light and bright shades of colors, and ladies of age ─ rich-deep tones, there are exceptions. Therefore, before ordering a bouquet, try to unobtrusively find out the desired information. Employees of the STUDIO Flores flower shop will select the components according to the specified parameters (bouquet size, stem length, composition).

Packaging matters too. If your message is to focus on romance, ribbon is enough. For presentable occasions, branded paper packaging, a basket or a hat box are offered. And you can also add a postcard chosen on the site, a soft toy animal or a confectionery present. Flower delivery in Kiev will save you from worrying about transporting a bouquet.

Buy an inexpensive bouquet by choosing visually

The online store offers hundreds of solutions when choosing a bouquet. Thanks to clear and simple navigation, you can easily find out where and what to look for. It is proposed to order a bouquet for a private person or for the purpose of congratulating employees.

Spring is a period of love confessions, “revival” of relationships, unexpected surprises for relatives! Do not miss such a valuable time to please loved ones (grandmother, mother, wife, adult daughter, sister), raise the mood of a colleague, neighbor. Ordering flowers with online delivery will quickly turn a wish into reality!

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