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Bouquet of flowers with sunflowers and hydrangea – Flower shop STUDIO Flores
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Now you can easily and conveniently book now Roses Spray. Internet shop https://flores-shop.com.ua/ will make bright daffodils bouquets for an anniversary or other holiday. Discharge VIP bouquets of flowers justify intentions the most scrupulous customers. Quite low prices for Lyubimov Candy, Blue motorcycle, Bouquet "Lapland" will give the opportunity to buy convenient and cost-effective. Sending in a few hours Goloseevo and to other districts of Kiev. The golden hands of florists flores shop at the best price will make any set for you. Bouquet of flowers with sunflowers and hydrangea — are nice gifts at a bargain price.

Bouquet of flowers with sunflowers and hydrangea

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For those who love scale – a large bouquet with notes of national color and tenderness.

2 hydrangeas, 4 eustoma, 3 sprigs of panicum, 3 sunflowers, heliborus, 4 antirrinums and 3 sprigs of spray roses.

Carried out in Kiev everyday from 8:30AM to 8PM on weekdays and from 10:30AM to 7PM on weekends and holidays. The cost of delivery in Kiev is 100 UAH. Free delivery, when ordering from 1200 UAH. Learn more....
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A bouquet of seasonal flowers, complemented by a grand gesture – the same day of dormouse, bushy trojandia, eustoma and hydrangeas. Decorative hem of the buds of vicons for the help of heliborus, panic and antirium.

“The composition is as bright as the sun and the snow, the diametrical moments. The aroma of hydrangea is overwhelmed by the modest amber of lisianthus and dormouse, reminiscent of beautiful notes”

Tim, who likes a mono composition, it is recommended to buy a bouquet of soniashniks, flowers with eustoma buds or a hydrangea.

When buying giant bouquets

Whether the composition is growing, it seems to be a little staged.

    1. Love the great bouquet before the river, as if you want to show that the girl is dear to you.
    2. The great author’s flower collage camp in good time at a long-standing separation. For example, the girl and the lad went to the other country and did not turn around for a long time.
    3. Yuviley. “Circles” of the days of the people, the family urochist, it is accepted to celebrate Christmas with a flourish. The giant bouquet will be handed over in no time.
    4. Put high on robots. Pidid hydrangea, a bouquet of trojans, floristic installation with favorite components.
    5. People of children. Tse podіya first-row importance. The writing of the bouquet in STUDIO Flores confirms the joy, like a proud father. Delivery of tickets is free of charge.
    6. Correction of pardons. Tim, who has blamed his kohana, for the sake of buying a bigger bouquet.

The online store has hundreds of photos to choose from. Lovers of hydrangeas should receive 5-7 hats of beautifully packaged flowers. Natyakannya on a light romance to crush a bouquet of eustomi. Passion for good will be demonstrated by pivonies, trojans, and gerberas, carnations will demonstrate the love of that brotherly love.

Delivery of tickets to Kiev ladies is not expected, even if courriers work today. Fill out the form online and let our florist do the rest.

Quotk shop with delivery

A bouquet of flowers with drowsy trees and hydrangeas can be adored for the holy, which is approaching, or for today. The owner is chosen by the client who pays for the service, or the person who will hand over the composition.

Delivery of tickets from Kiev for our rahunok, if you buy one roslinna installation for a sum of over 1200 UAH. or a bunch of bouquets, which will summarily transfer the assigned amount.

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Hydrangea, Sunflower


Anniversary, Birthday




For a boss, For a colleague, For a girl, For a mom, For beloved, For wife

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