When to give white roses?

28 January
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Roses are flowers that are perfect in all respects: their shape is graceful, the aroma is unobtrusive, and the varietal variety is surprisingly great. The number of shades of roses makes bouquets with them a gift appropriate for any occasion. Scarlet flowers are often chosen for mono bouquets: they express passion in all its manifestations, therefore men give their armfuls to beloved women. There are no difficulties with buds of more delicate shades either: everyone knows or at least intuitively guesses what pink roses mean, because bouquets with them look girlish, romantic and touching. Snow-white flowers are embarrassing with their severity and majestic appearance, and it is not always clear whether it is appropriate to give them in a particular situation. What do white roses mean, to whom and when can they be presented, and in what cases is it better to choose other flowers?

White roses in the language of flowers

In Slavic culture, white symbolizes purity, sublimity and purity. A striking example of following traditions is the bride’s outfit: a snow-white dress, a veil and a bouquet in the lightest shades. It was wedding floristic compositions that created the reputation of flowers for white roses, which are given exclusively on solemn occasions, but this is not entirely true.

In relation to white roses, the language of flowers in our culture is unambiguous: it is a symbol of eternal love, devotion, elevation of feelings, admiration for beauty. The love that can be expressed with these flowers binds not only a man and a woman: white roses symbolize the child’s affection for parents, brothers for sisters, friendly adoration. If snow-white inflorescences are combined in a composition with other buds (not necessarily white), the language of flowers interprets pure shades as a sign of respect, gratitude and goodwill.

White roses: when do they give them?

Bouquets with snow-white roses can be given for the following reasons:

  • wedding;
  • engagement;
  • anniversary of relationship or living together;
  • Birthday (including anniversary);
  • the birth of a child;
  • housewarming;
  • professional holiday;
  • 8 March;
  • Valentine’s Day;
  • a date.

Compositions with these flowers can be congratulated on a colleague, girlfriend, teacher, friend. A young girl is given snow-white roses for graduation from school or university, diploma defense, obtaining a driver’s license. For older women, florists recommend choosing richer colors because of the association between white and youth. You can opt for light compositions only if you know for sure that a woman likes white more than others.

It is not customary to give snow-white or milk roses to unfamiliar people whom you congratulate on the official event. Less sensual flowers are more suitable for this: dahlias, gladioli, chrysanthemums.

Before giving white roses to foreigners, ask how their country treats this color. White roses, the significance of which in our culture is solemn and sublime, symbolize mourning in Asian countries, and bouquets of them bring the departed.

When are white roses presented and how many can there be?

In snow-white bouquets of roses, not only the color itself matters, but also the number of buds.

One white rose can express obedience and humility. As part of a combined composition, one rose can be presented to your wife with a minor disagreement or for no reason, to show your respect and attention.

It is appropriate to present three white roses to a boss, colleague or friend to congratulate them on their professional holiday. So that the bouquet does not look scanty, three buds are complemented with greenery and small decorative inflorescences.

Five roses are a universal gift. Equally well suited for congratulations on personal dates and professional holidays.

Seven buds are given as a token of gratitude. It is appropriate to present a bouquet of seven roses to a teacher.

Nine buds can be regarded as a symbol of remorse. A composition with nine roses can be sent to a girl as a sign of reconciliation.

Eleven to fifteen roses can be presented for an anniversary or a regular birthday to a close friend or relative.

If a composition is chosen as a gift, which consists of fifteen or more white roses, the reason for this should be quite compelling. The main role in this situation is played not by color, but by the number of flowers: luxurious compositions will be inappropriate for apologies, expressions of gratitude and congratulations on a professional holiday. Bulky bouquets of white roses can be chosen for congratulations on a wedding or engagement.

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