How to choose flowers correctly?

23 September
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Even the simplest gift requires attention. Selecting the appropriate flowers for a bouquet means to talk about your feelings and present a piece of your soul as a gift. In this case, the smallest details matter – size, design, shades.

Rules of flower etiquette

Choosing a gift should be based on the information about the guest of honor. Consider gender, age and position in society. The composition, its compound matter – not every flower is suitable for a particular holiday.

Simple field plants are different by their easeness and lightness. They are suitable for the usual unremarkable day. For a solemn event, choose something more refined. Weddings, anniversaries, banquets are decorated in a certain color range, therefore bouquets are selected appropriate.

Do you want to give something exotic? This may be an orchid, anthurium, strelitzia. These plants look best on their own, without additional details. Roses and tulips of strict shades are suitable for unfamiliar colleagues, foreign delegations.

Choosing a gift for your favorite artist, rely on the size and lush. Such compositions are generously decorated with greenery, decorative elements. A bouquet can be round, one-sided or packed in a basket.

Flowers for girls

The representatives of fair sex get floristic gifts with and without reasons. With their help, young people are trying to build relationships, share joy, apologize for wrongdoing, confess feelings. Every single occasion requires certain types of flowers and bouquet shape.

One rose on a long stem is suitable for something insignificant. On a typical day, it can bring a lot of happiness and transform gray days. On a first date, bet on something neutral. If you want to express your fervent feelings, choose bouquets for girls with bright red flowers. Pastel colors emphasize tenderness and reverent attitude. And grass is suitable for light smiling companion. Little princesses should be given small round bouquets.

Do not limit your imagination with roses. Women love variety and unusual approach. Surprise! This may be a common chamomile or sunny sunflower, multi-colored gerberas, chrysanthemums. You can choose as a gift the author’s original composition. Experiment with the packaging: paper, ribbon, hat box.

Compositions for men

Oddly enough, but it is more difficult for girls to make the choice of such a gift to the opposite sex. Male bouquets are made according to certain rules:

  • one or two types of flowers;
  • restrained shades;
  • elongated shape;
  • simplicity of design;
  • large buds and a long stem.

Flowers are given to relatives, business partners, friends. The reason should be a specific event. Choose bouquets of roses, tulips, chrysanthemums, carnations, gladioli. If we talk about colors, give preference to strict shades. It can be red, white, burgundy, purple or blue. A gift should not be motley.

General tips in choosing flowers

When purchasing fresh flowers, you probably expect that they will stand for not a day or two, but at least a week. To get the desired result you can only if to approach the choice carefully.

Examine the assortment of the store. Choose flowers with lush and strong buds. Inspect the stems and leaves – as those parts that are above the water, and those that are immersed in it. Pay attention to the smell – it should be pleasant. By following these simple but practical advice, you will receive a quality floral gift.

You can order flowers online. The online store STUDIO Flores is a qualified approach to the creation of bouquets and reliable delivery to the addressee. Florists will help you choose the right combination of flowers, their varieties, size and shape. The catalog contains bouquets for brides, holiday options, corporate orders, original compositions.

Buy flowers in the right place – bring joy to those around you with care!

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