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Compositions on a spruce table: inspiration and decor for the New Year and Christmas

23 December
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In the New Year, everything should be perfect, because as you meet it, you will spend it, so the hostesses pay special attention not only to the dishes that will be on the festive table, but also to its serving. New Year’s decor can create a special mood, so do not underestimate the tradition of decorating a festive table. For the New Year holidays, many use dishes and tablecloths with themed decor, as well as create elegant table compositions from natural spruce.

Features of New Year’s compositions on the table

Festive decor can be artificial or natural. In the first case, synthetic materials, imitation of spruce branches, ribbons and plastic figures are used. In the second case, preference is given to live Dutch spruce, which stands for a long time and does not crumble, as well as glass toys and fresh fruits. You can complement such decorations with small candles, which will create a cozy, romantic atmosphere.

In terms of form, New Year’s desktop compositions can be conditionally divided into:

  • round;
  • triangular;
  • bouquet.

Round decor occupies a certain area of ​​the table, usually it is made in the form of a wreath, which will also look harmonious on the wall. Triangular versions are elongated vertically, as a rule, this is a miniature spruce in a flowerpot, decorated with special toys. There are compositions in the form of bouquets, this decor will be appropriate on any table. Bouquets often include the Dutch blue Nobilis spruce, which looks luxurious, as well as cold-resistant winter flowers.

How to choose a composition for the New Year’s table?

First, decide on the menu and setting of the festive table, and then select the appropriate decorative elements for it. The number of people who will be with you on New Year’s Eve is also important. If it is a quiet family holiday, then the table composition can be decorated with small candles, and if it is noisy fun, then it is better to use bright and edible elements, for example, tangerines, oranges, apples.

You can create a New Year’s table decoration on your own, if you have time and imagination, or entrust it to professionals from Studio Flores, who will make not only a beautiful, but also a safe composition. You can also always order ready-made options for festive decor with delivery to the address.

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