Registration of an exit ceremony, wedding arch and restaurant decoration

30 May
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Wedding decor should be thought out to the smallest detail, because it is the little things that form the general mood of the celebration: the bridal bouquet, the presidium of the newlyweds, the decoration of guest tables, a photo zone and even invitations to a banquet, designed in a general style, will make the birthday of a new family ideal. The classic accents of the decor are candles, draperies and natural plants, and if wedding decoration options without fabrics and candles are found, albeit infrequently, then it is almost impossible to imagine a banquet without flowers.

Wedding flowers

To decorate the solemn banquet, choose several bright, expressive plants that match the color of the wedding, and a few more background ones that set off the central elements of the compositions. Usually florists offer future newlyweds several options for flower decor, based on the planned budget, theme and scale of the holiday, but most often the celebration is kept in muted soft colors, using lush airy plants for decoration.

Usually flowers for a wedding are chosen from the following:

  • anemones;
  • hydrangeas;
  • calla lilies;
  • peonies;
  • orchids;
  • tulips;
  • roses;
  • freesia;
  • eustoma.

The floral decor echoes the bride’s bouquet, boutonnieres, decoration of the hall and exterior, decoration of the car of the young and sign-signs. Flowers can also decorate lamps and lamps, tables and chairs, form living garlands, photo zones and arches. The decor for the wedding is developed taking into account the location of the ceremony and banquet: off-site celebrations are decorated somewhat differently than the classic weddings in the palace, followed by a visit to the restaurant.

Restaurant decoration

For newlyweds who are interested in wedding floristry, Kiev usually offers a standard flower arrangement for a banquet in a restaurant. It includes:

  • the presidium (the table at which the newlyweds are seated);
  • guest tables;
  • interior and hanging compositions;
  • wedding arches, volumetric figures, flower panels and photo zones;
  • newlyweds’ car;
  • flower accessories (boutonnieres, live bracelets, decorated with plant buds, hairstyles of the bride and her bridesmaid);
  • a table or box for gifts that guests will give to young people.

The volume of work of florists, the amount of decor and the price of registration depends on the size of the banquet hall or festive tent, the number of invited guests and the immediate wishes of the newlyweds: the last word in every decision always remains with the future spouses.

Exit ceremony decoration

The design of an exit ceremony usually includes the following points:

  • an arch of fresh flowers for off-site registration, designed in the color of the wedding;
  • table decoration for painting;
  • the decor of the pen, which the newlyweds put their signatures;
  • decorating a pillow or ring box;
  • baskets with flower petals;
  • decorative posts framing the path to the arch;
  • tables for guests and the presidium of the newlyweds;
  • chairs or benches for guests;
  • newlywed glasses;
  • flower garlands.

Optional flowers can also be used to decorate candlestick stands, screens and backgrounds, paths, signs, seating cards, candy bar, seedling numbers and cards, as well as a wedding cake.

Arch for the wedding ceremony

Wedding arches decorate both outdoor ceremonies and restaurant banquets: this part of the decor fits perfectly into a celebration in any style thanks to a variety of design options. The arch structure usually consists of a metal, plastic or wood frame braided with textile fabrics, satin ribbons, balloons and flower garlands. A popular version of the arch is a completely living structure, assembled from a large amount of greenery and several types of flowers.

The filling and configuration of the arch also depend on the style, budget and wishes of the newlyweds, however, florists recommend that you take special care of the structural strength and freshness of flowers: the elements of the arch must endure not only delivery to the place of celebration, but also maintain an attractive appearance throughout the day. Your wedding florist will help you choose the most resistant plant options for your occasion.

In order to have time to arrange the ceremony the way you want, order the services of a florist no later than a month before the appointed date: this way you will have time not only to familiarize the specialist with your own wishes, but also to draw up a backup plan together (for example, in case of a change in the weather ) – so your wedding will be truly perfect.

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