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Bouquet-compliment, which will fill the room with bright paints. 7 dark blue irises and 7 narcissuses. PRE-ORDER

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Why do we love flowers? For their amazing and intoxicating smell, spring mood, for the freshness of live nature, and also for the incredible and diverse color palette. And if this shades is combined into a single whole, taking into account the laws of floristry, you will get a chic and stylish gift.

A bouquet “Bright paints” will fill the heart with joy and energy

This flower composition consists of:

  • 5 bright yellow daffodils;
  • 6 irises of dark blue color;
  • branches of greenery.

Blue color will give you:

  • harmony of the universe;
  • sense of security;
  • the sea coolness and the breadth of the sky;
  • peace of mind.

A bright yellow will fill you by:

  • sunlight;
  • heat and energy;
  • happiness and joy.

Such an elegant gift can be presented for any occasion, and lovers of national Ukrainian symbols will be happy with such a combination of shades.

Where is it possible to buy beautiful and inexpensive bouquet?

In our flower online store STUDIO Flores you can admire the samples and order unusual and elegant compositions:

  • compiled by professional florists;
  • in a chic performance and at a democratic price;
  • with address delivery in Kiev;
  • with payment online or cash on receipt.

We will envelop your space with juicy colors and magical fragrances!


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