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Nine peonies in a box – Flower shop STUDIO Flores
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You can simply purchase Orchids. Internet market STUDIO Flores is exquisite bouquets of roses chrysanthemums for any occasion. Heading VIP bouquets of flowers exceed expectations the most demanding customers. Low price tags for Bouquet 9 roses "Scarlet", A Giant Bouquet with eustoma, Agate balloon give the opportunity to choose convenient and cost-effective. The most convenient delivery Darnitsa and to other districts of Kiev. Experienced professionals STUDIO Flores at a bargain price make any edible composition. 9 peonies in a box — spectacular compositions at a reasonable price.

9 peonies in a box

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Bouquet of large pale pink peonies in a velvet box.
A bouquet for a real princess!

Carried out in Kiev everyday from 8:30AM to 8PM on weekdays and from 10:30AM to 7PM on weekends and holidays. The cost of delivery in Kiev is 100 UAH. Free delivery, when ordering from 1200 UAH. Learn more....
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You only need a reason to feel like a queen! Are you ready to see yourself loved and adored? Then ask your man to order a bouquet of “9 peonies in a box”.

“Peony balls, with their petals slightly open, are like fragrant ice cream balls that begin to melt in a plate, enticing the unforgettable taste of childhood”

Kyiv residents can buy peonies at the STUDIO Flores store. It’s time to fill your home with an amazing aroma, reminiscent of a sweet fairy tale. Take a look at our flower shop.

Ordering flowers of a specific color

The psychology of shades has become a separate science. Follow her or independently navigate the world of shades – it’s up to you. We offer a guaranteed purchase of a bouquet of excellent quality, in professional packaging.

1.PinkTenderness, a feeling of falling in love or a desire to pamper like a child
2.WhitePurity of intentions, wedding gift or marriage proposal
3.LemonThe color of joy and friendship. If you order a bouquet, then the color is equated with financial success and well-being
4.CreamWishing family comfort, harmonious relations and stability
5.Bright pink or purpleBright colors are usually given to bright, charismatic girls.
6.BurgundySuch peonies in a box symbolize love and desire to be near.

When planning to order a bouquet, think about what feature you want to emphasize with this. When filling out an online application in an online store, write in the note what you think is important when composing the composition. Be sure to indicate the reason and option for receiving. For example, “I want to order flowers for my birthday with delivery” or “I plan to give it myself, bring the bouquet to the address.”

Flowers in a box delivered by courier

Delivery of flowers in a compact package is convenient for the purpose of delivery and further storage. The box serves as a decorative factor and is a stable base for the composition. You can leave it as a keepsake or come up with a further application.

The bouquet “9 pink peonies” provides free delivery in Kyiv. There are never too many flowers, just like a good mood!

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