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Original gift design: sets for New Year and Christmas

23 December
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I want to please loved ones with something special, not only for personal reasons such as birthday or wedding anniversary, but also on New Year’s holidays. The choice of such gifts is always difficult, but interesting and exciting. Many people today prefer to give original New Year’s baskets and bouquets that are associated with the upcoming celebrations. If loved ones want to make a pleasant surprise, then such gifts can be ordered with delivery to the address.

Features of New Year compositions

Natural spruce branches are an obligatory attribute of a New Year’s bouquet or a festive basket. It is with this forest beauty that many associate the New Year. Experts recommend to give preference to the Dutch blue spruce Nobilis, which has long retained its attractiveness. The more unusual the gift basket looks, the more admiration it will cause among the recipient, therefore it is supplemented with the following elements:

  • glass toys;
  • fruit;
  • packs of tea and coffee;
  • good alcohol;
  • sweets.

Such New Year’s baskets and compositions can be given not only to family and friends, but also to colleagues, leaders and teachers, whom I would like to wish you a Happy New Year and Christmas. Spruce branches also go well with flowers such as roses, gerberas, alstroemeria. Such compositions can please your beloved woman or mother. Coniferous components will remind you of the approaching New Year holidays, and flowers will cheer you up and will delight the eye for a long time.

How to make a surprise for New Year and Christmas?

Unexpected gifts, as a rule, cause a special delight, so if you want to please your loved ones, then order a New Year’s basket with delivery. It can be created according to individual requirements, taking into account all the wishes of the customer. Studio Flores makes original compositions from Dutch spruce, which stands for a long time and does not crumble. From a huge variety of baskets and bouquets, you will definitely choose what you want to give to your family and friends.

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