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How to choose a beautiful inexpensive bouquet?

24 December
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A bouquet can be called the most popular gift for any occasion. But some floral compositions are much more expensive than others, and you probably wondered, at least once in your life, why.

Why different bouquets are in different prices?

There are many reasons why different compositions of flowers are different in prices. The most popular of them are following:

  • if there are used rare plant varieties that are not boring for people yet, the price of a bouquet will always be high;
  • form —for example, dense asymmetric compositions, which should consist of a large number of different flowers, often are created for weddings;
  • quality of used flower material —it is important to note how many days ago the flower was cut, how fresh it is;
  • decoration of composition — often, people ask for an individual design, but it is worth understanding that it will affect the cost of a bouquet.

In addition, the cost of the flower itself can not be the same. Sort of the plant is considered as the most important factor, as well as how available it is in a given season. If you want to create a bouquet of daisies in the winter, be ready to pay a lot more. The same applies to rare plants and shades. Low cost does not mean that your bouquet will not be beautiful. Any flower composition can be made cheaper if using popular seasonal flowers.

In what cases is an inexpensive bouquet appropriate?

If you want to give positive emotions to your family and friends, but you can’t afford to spend extra money, you should pay attention to simple, but no less beautiful floral compositions. Their cost will be lower than unusual bouquets of exotic flowers. Also you can order a wedding bouquet inexpensively. Often, brides try to save on flowers, and to make it easier than ever you just need to choose a simple form of composition and create it from inexpensive plants.

Do you give flowers without reason? Even a small twig of lush hydrangea in the summer or a small composition of tulips in the spring can please the recipient. You can order a simple, but interesting bouquet that will be a great addition to the main gift on the Birthday of a colleague or friend.

What compositions can be attributed to inexpensive?

If you think that cheap compositions look careless or not as attractive as more expensive options, then you are deeply mistaken. The online flower shop “Flores-Shop” offers luxury options, which cost does not hit your wallet. Such compositions usually consist of a small number of plants and flowers. Many are created from just one branch with lush petals. At the same time you can choose a bouquet of any style that best tells about your feelings and desires. Inexpensive mono-bouquets, which consist of only flowers of one variety, are considered very popular. Such compositions are small in size, but our florists put their soul and imagination into them so that you can enjoy the result.

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