What are the most popular wedding flowers?

28 April
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Fresh flowers are an invariable symbol of any holiday. This also applies to the wedding day: the selection of floristic accompaniment is an important part of the preparation for the wedding ceremony, and the more thoughtful this preparation is, the more beautiful and brighter the wedding will be. We will tell you about the most popular plants that are loved by both newlyweds and wedding florists, giving them preference when choosing a decor for a celebration.

Floral wedding paraphernalia

The work of wedding florists is not limited to decorating the table of the young with flowers: it also includes the design of the following elements of the banquet:

  • image of the bride (her bouquet and hair decoration with flowers);
  • jewelry box, pillow or box for rings;
  • wedding arch;
  • seating plan;
  • presidium (central table);
  • buffet tables and chairs for guests;
  • lamps, lamps or candles;
  • photo zone.

The standard of work of wedding florists can be narrowed or expanded depending on the wishes of the newlyweds and the style of the wedding: for example, “Hawaiian” types of celebrations include the elaboration of flower garlands for guests and spouses, rustic weddings imply decorating with live plants even invitations to a banquet, and a holiday in the Provence style requires the decoration of flowers, even dishes.

Popular Wedding Flowers

The type of plants that decorate the wedding banquet depends on the wishes of the newlyweds, laid down for the preparation of the holiday, the budget and the style in which the wedding is held. But more often than not, wedding florists work with several types of flowers:

  • Roses. An immortal classic for any holiday. Hybrid tea varieties and sprigs of spray roses are chosen to decorate weddings.
  • Tulips. Despite the fact that these flowers symbolize all-consuming love, they are chosen for wedding decoration not so much for symbolism, but for their exquisite appearance and sophisticated aroma. The most popular varieties are Smooth French and Danish, and Tousled Parrot.
  • Callas. Noble funnel-shaped flowers are considered a symbol of magnificent beauty, wealth and abundance. These are the plants that decorate most classic weddings.
  • Peonies. Graceful lush buds in soft shades look touching and delicate, so they regularly appear at weddings as a decoration.
  • Orchids. An aristocratic tropical flower is often used as a bride’s accessory: it is used to decorate a bracelet on a young woman’s hand or hairpins in her hair.
  • Eustoma. Delicate Japanese roses symbolize youth and beauty, organically fit into the discreet design of rustic weddings. Be careful with eustoma decor during the cold season: these flowers do not like low temperatures.
  • Anemones. Stylish and sophisticated, these flowers work well for almost any type of wedding because of their sophistication and color variability.
  • Freesias. Fragile and delicate flowers with a delicate aroma, which can be an independent decoration of the wedding hall, and part of complex compositions.
  • Hydrangeas. Lush inflorescences of pastel shades serve as a self-sufficient and rich decoration for wedding tables, photo zones and flower arches.
  • Wedding hall decoration: choosing flowers

    The direct choice of colors depends on the purpose for which they are going to be used. So, for the presidium, the brightest and most expressive flowers are usually selected, shaded with neutral background ones. Guest tables are decorated more modestly, giving preference to plants with medium-sized buds, and chairs, dishes, plates and other not very large items are decorated with very tiny inflorescences or buds.

    Wedding floristry provides for the creation of a new project for each celebration, however, the following plant combinations can be used as tips for color combinations:

    • peony and spray roses, freesia and succulents;
    • hydrangea, eustoma, Kenyan roses and sweet peas;
    • peonies, rose of Menta, anemones and alstroemeria;
    • orchid, lilac, cheleborus and carnations;
    • ranunculus, dahlias, astilba.

    An important element of any wedding decor is greenery: without a fresh background, even the most colorful bouquet will seem too unnatural and oversaturated. The bouquets are well diluted with sprigs of eucalyptus and lavender, levkoy and ferns. Hypericum, symphoricarpus, ozotamnus, chamelacium and gypsophila can be both part of the compositions and independent tiny decorative accents, which have a special touching due to their small size.

    Arch of flowers for a wedding

    The flower arch is an important part of wedding decor, especially for off-site ceremonies. It can be realized entirely from flowers and greenery, or have only a few vegetable accents located at the corners or bends of the figure.

    The choice of an arch follows the same rules as the selection of other decorations: the decor should be combined in style and shades with the general theme of the celebration, the clothes of the bride and groom, and also be in harmony with the environment.

    The arch can be assembled from any colors:

    • peonies;
    • roses;
    • hydrangeas;
    • eustoma;
    • mattiola;
    • Italian ruscus;
    • astrantia;
    • greenery;
    • berries.

    Arches decorated with artificial moss look spectacular: they will fit especially well into outdoor ceremonies. One of the current trends is air arches, in which plants are fixed not close to the base, but freely, creating a feeling of flowers flying.

    When ordering a flower arch for a wedding, remember not only about the aesthetics, but also about the practical component: the decor should easily transfer the delivery to the ceremony venue and the ceremony itself. Before making the final choice, consult with the wedding florists: they will help you choose the most resistant plants for the desired date and do everything to ensure that the decor retains its attractiveness throughout the wedding day.

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