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Choosing a bouquet for the teacher for the last call

28 April
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The last bell marks the end of the next academic year, during which teachers shared their knowledge and life wisdom with schoolchildren, supported and instructed students, helping the younger generation to adapt in society. For this hard work on the day of the last bell, the students give their teachers fresh flowers, postcards and sincere words of gratitude. The responsibility for choosing a bouquet for the teacher on the last call rests with the parents of the students. In order for gifts to bring only positive emotions to both recipients and donors, you need to remember just a few simple recommendations.

Choose flowers according to the teacher’s age

The bouquet for the last bell should first of all be similar to the teacher by gender and age. Young teachers can be presented with small delicate bouquets of plants with small buds. The preferred shades of the compositions are pink, pastel, cream. It is appropriate for women aged to give a lush bouquet of voluminous buds in rich burgundy or purple shades.

Gratitude to middle-aged teachers can be expressed not with a monobouquet, but with a composite composition of several types of plants. In this case, both bright and pastel shades of flowers can be combined in one bouquet.

Regardless of the teacher’s age, it is better to reduce the amount of decor in the bouquet to moderate or minimal, preferring fresh herbs, berries or ears.

For men, florists recommend choosing strict, elongated compositions in dark blue or purple tones. The decor in men’s bouquets should be minimal or absent altogether.

Choose flowers according to the teacher’s position

Last call flowers for different teachers can and should be different: a class teacher who spends incomparably more time with students than other teachers can be presented with a more personalized bouquet – for example, roses, peonies, irises, ranunculus. In this case, it is also permissible to present a spectacular bunch of flowers in a hat box, an elegant basket or an elegant transparent cube.

As a gift to subject teachers, mixes are chosen from neutral background and bright central plants, which generally form a harmonious composition. And it is better for teachers from the school administration to give author’s bouquets, collected by florists to order. This gesture can both express gratitude for working with children and emphasize the business nature of the relationship.

General guidelines

There are a few other tricks that can make it easier for parents or their committee to choose gifts for teachers.

To avoid having to look for bouquets for teachers for the last call at the last moment, it is better to order them in advance. Flower shops open pre-orders for last call bouquets 1-3 weeks before the desired date.

Combine orders for the entire class. Many stores offer their customers the opportunity to place corporate orders, the cost of bouquets in which is reduced in comparison with retail prices for each individual composition. In addition, corporate orders can be arranged in a general style: florists will create the required number of bouquets in which it will be possible to trace both similarities and differences. The same solution can be used when buying flowers for teachers for the prom.

Order flowers delivery directly to the school. This will save time, energy and nerves for the participants of the celebration, and also guarantee the freshness of the bouquets.

The choice of a bouquet should be determined not only by gender, age and position of the teacher, but also by common common sense: if the end of May is hot in summer, it is better to give preference to the most persistent flowers. In addition, the size of the bouquet should allow the teacher to hold the gift in his hands without discomfort. Keep in mind that other students will also give flowers to the teacher, and fragile plants with delicate buds can wrinkle in a common armful of bouquets, losing not only attractiveness, but also vitality.

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