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Flowers for Easter

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Flowers are the best decoration of every holiday, but in a special way they are relevant in such a bright holiday as Easter. Flower compositions can beautifully decorate your house. They can also be given to friends, relatives and acquaintances.

Features of Easter bouquets

To create such compositions are used spring flowers, which are often decorated with the main attributes of the holiday. Easter bouquets are made of bright buds, which are devoid of pretentiousness and diversity of colors. Traditionally, floral decorations are created taking into account the main shades of this holiday: white, gold, green, blue, red.

Usually bouquets for Easter are different by its round shape. They consist of spring flowers, as well as willow twigs, colored feathers, figurines of rabbits and chickens. A fashionable floral novelty is a spring bouquet on the Easter cake. This bouquet is small in size, with only greenery or one flower. Their basis is a wooden hairpin, which is then inserted into the center of the cake.

The table for Easter is often decorated with special compositions that are different by its egg-shaped form. Usually Easter bouquets are made in baskets, pots, artificial eggshells.

How to choose a bouquet for Easter?

If you want to give to your loved ones a good mood on a bright Easter day, then order them an original bouquet. Before choosing a composition, be sure to pay attention to the symbols of different shades of buds:

  • bright red means life and resurrection;
  • white is a symbol of holiness, tenderness and purity;
  • light pink – symbolizes tenderness, beauty and freshness;
  • green – means the beginning of life;
  • yellow – gives happiness, good mood and joy.

It should also be noted that there are many different types of Easter compositions, from which you will have to choose the most relevant:

  • bouquet is the simplest variant, it is made up of spring plants and flowers in accordance with the festive theme;
  • a basket for eggs – is made out so that it can be folded with eggs with spring flowers;
  • figurines from plants -usually are used thematic figures (hare, chickens, cakes);
  • wreaths – for making are used live flowers, dried flowers, as well as various ornaments.

Easter flower sets: what kinds of flowers are used?

The most popular flowers of Easter are yellow daffodils.Exactly its tender buds are blooming to the day of Easter. But other plants also can become an excellent decoration of the table and the house. Spring primrose or primula is considered a real symbol of spring. According to widespread beliefs, his buds were sent from heaven to earth to open the doors by spring flowers.

The caltha palustris is another beautiful flower that pleases by its yellow shade with the advent of spring. Hyacinths, crocuses and tulips are traditionally used for making spring bouquets. With the help of simple floral compositions, you can emphasize the solemnity of this important event.

Where is it possible to buy flowers for Easter in Kiev?

Our online store STUDIO Flores is a place where your dreams blossom. The main advantages of our flower shop are:

  • the opportunity to order bouquets online;
  • professional florists will make up any composition;
  • pleasant prices;
  • fast delivery within Kiev.

Easter is a delicate feast, therefore compositions of flowers should be special. In our studio STUDIO Flores we do just such.

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Why it worth to buy Flowers for Easter in online flower shop STUDIO Flores?

Reasons to order Flowers for Easter from us:

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What is the most popular service you provide?

The flower concierge service is very popular. You order a bouquet of flowers from us in advance and tell us the date and address of delivery. Flowers delivery to Kyiv or satellite cities will be carried out by us within the agreed time.

I doubt what should I choose from the category Flowers for Easter?

Our professional florists will be happy to help you choose the right bouquet and answer your questions by phone +38 098 484 49 73. Also, you can always come to our flower shop at: Kyiv, st. Voskresenskaya 14b and choose flowers with a florist, or order flowers with delivery.