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What bouquets are customary to give on March 8

23 February
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The tradition of celebrating March 8 appeared as a sign of solidarity with the current struggle for women’s rights, but over time, the holiday lost its ideological background, turning into a day of love and respect for women. Ladies of all statuses and ages accept congratulations in early March, and express gratitude and love for a woman with flowers. At the same time, for a colleague, mother, wife and daughter, you need to choose different bouquets that are suitable for each in content, palette and size. To make this task easier for men, flower shops create in their catalogs special collections of floral arrangements for a wide variety of women.

Ideas for bouquets for March 8

Even the simplest mono bouquets, consisting of one type of flowers, can please a woman. An armful of roses is a classic win-win: decorated in an elegant package or even simply intercepted by a ribbon, stems of roses with fragrant buds will be a wonderful gift for a wife, girlfriend or mother. Mono-compositions of tulips look no less impressive: a touching bouquet with a ginestra in its attractiveness can compete with a combination of the same flowers of different shades, wrapped in silence or delicate wrapping paper.

Instead of mono-bouquets, you can give prefabricated compositions. For women with whom the giver has romantic feelings, florists create bouquets with scarlet accents, symbolizing love and passion. Colleagues, girlfriends, mentors and relatives can order bouquets of plants of neutral light and muted shades (lilac, pale pink, light green, blue).

A worthy alternative to the classic flower armfuls – unusual bouquets for March 8, decorated in the form of a closed composition in a transparent cube. Flowers, placed inside the cube, are fed with moisture from a floral sponge installed in the bottom of the box, so that the bouquet retains its freshness and beauty for several weeks.

Bouquets in boxes are arranged according to the same principle: flowers filling a round, square, heart-shaped or oval container hide a reservoir of liquid or floral foam, staying fresh and beautiful for a long time. The sizes of bouquets in hatboxes are not limited by the volume of the box: flowers rise above the container in a lush cloud, and the finished composition looks like a self-sufficient gift.

As a congratulation on March 8, you can order not a bouquet, but a gift set. The price of the set depends on the size and content of the box. The gift set includes two or three varieties of compositionally main plants, several sprigs of decorative greenery, aroma candles, small vases, soft toys or sweets. Gifts are placed in a small box with a corporate logo tied with a delicate satin ribbon.

How to choose bouquets for March 8?

The choice of a gift for the spring holiday depends on the relationship between the donor of the bouquet and the recipient. There are no strict prohibitions in the choice of compositions: florists recommend adhering only to the standard rules of flower etiquette, that is, giving young girls light closed buds, and mature women – fully blossoming flowers in saturated colors. The rest of the selection rules are arbitrary, so the best solution is to give the woman whom you want to please with a gift her favorite flowers.

Mom and Grandma

Large buds of peonies and peony roses, exquisite dahlias, strict calla lilies, exotic orchids are suitable for mature ladies. Flowers don’t have to be spring flowers: the main thing is that the composition looks harmonious and fresh.

Friend and sister

Young girls and women of middle age, with whom you have friendly or family relationships, can be presented with popular prefabricated compositions of freesia, ranunculus, lisianthus, spray and Tibetan roses. The younger the girl, the smaller the buds in the gift can be.

Daughter and niece

Young girls are presented with bouquets of gypsophila, violets, spray roses and irises. White flowers are suitable for teenage girls, symbolizing their purity and beauty. A good gift for growing up girls can be original bouquets for March 8 with sweets and fruits.

To Colleague and Teacher

For female representatives with whom you have a formal relationship or status, you can order a delivery of a bouquet of hydrangeas, hyacinths, eustoma and astilba.

Wife and girl

You can please your soul mate by ordering a bouquet for March 8, consisting of delicate lilacs, tulips or magnolia. Scarlet roses packed in a heart-shaped box will become a symbol of endless love and unquenchable passion.

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