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How to keep a bouquet of tulips fresh for a long time?

24 December
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Tulips — are one of the most tender and romantic spring flowers. And how we want to keep their freshness as long as possible!

Bouquet of tulips: features of care for cut flowers

If you were given a delicate composition and you want to keep it fresh for a long time, you should pay attention to the following tips:

  • it is important to cut plants early in the morning, especially if the weather is hot;
  • put flowers in a vase with cold water— tulips adore very cold water, you can even add pieces of ice, and dip their stems in granulated sugar for 10 minutes before putting them in a vase to make the flowers look fresher;
  • use newsprint to wrap the stems— so you will save them from damage;
  • you can make a special nutrient solution— add 10 g of sugar and 0.5 g of citric acid to 1 liter of water, (remember that the solution should be changed every day);
  • you may take flowers out to the balcony at night— a cool shaded place is the best option if you want to enjoy the beauty of these spring plants longer;
  • before putting the composition into the water, remove all excess leaves from the bottom part of the stem;
  • leave the rubber on the buds, especially if the house is warm enough, otherwise the flowers bloom faster and fade;
  • in no case do not put the bouquet in a hot and dry place, especially near the battery;
  • use a sprig of thuja— if  vase with tulips, their coloring become more intense and they remain fresh for a long time.

You should also note that tulips do not tolerate neighbourhood with roses, daffodils, carnations, lilies, orchids and lilies of the valley.

How to choose the right vase?

Selection of the right vase is a very important step towards keeping the tender spring flowers fresh for a long time. A beautiful bouquet of tulips will look great in a vase with a wide neck and a narrow base. Such containers are suitable for bulk flower compositions with long stems and quite large buds. Tulips need a lot of space so that they feel good and pleased the eye with their beauty for a long. Also not very deep vases are suitable for these plants.

If you want the bouquet not only to stand for a long time, but also to look stylish, you should remember that the beauty of a vase should not overshadow the beauty of flowers. Capacities with transparent glass look great, but if you do not want the stems to be visible, it is better to choose neutral opaque options.

How often should water be changed?

It is recommended to change the water every day to enjoy the beauty of the flower arrangement as long as possible. Remember that tulips continue growing even after they are cut, therefore, changing the water, shorten the stems a little. To prevent formation air plugs in them, it should be done under water. Hold the cut place tightly if you are moving the flower to a vase.

Online store «Flores-Shop» uses only fresh flowers for creating compositions. Therefore, you can be sure that your bouquet will delight with its beauty for a long time.

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