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Wedding in color of Marsala – photos and design ideas

13 December
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Color Marsala is a stylish and refined color with a ruby ​​tint, it was named after a dessert wine from sunny Sicily. We are used to seeing it more on the covers of magazines than in decorating celebrations. It is believed that this color is not suitable for the style of the wedding. But it is difficult to agree with this, because this color of luxury and elegance perfectly corresponds to such celebration.

Сolor of marsala is best suited for the design of an autumn wedding, because it creates the necessary coziness. In other times of the year, color of marsala also would be appropriate, warming up the winter wedding or playing with colors on the summer or spring wedding.

At decoration the color of marsala can be used both as main color and as secondary. Its main advantage is that it will give gloss to the wedding and create an atmosphere of luxury without additional efforts.

This color will inspire the guests of honor, confectioners, florists, decorators and everyone who takes part in the creation of the holiday. We will tell you which rules you have to follow for making the wedding really luxurious and harmonious, when you organize a wedding in the color of marsala.

Wedding invitation

Elegant wedding invitations in the color of marsala allow to make a good impression. You need to use creative and imagination for creating such details, too. Thin calligraphic font, monograms, chevron, gold embossing might use as decoration … They will add prestige and immediately will make it clear to guests this wedding is unusual. Also, you should pay attention and focus on “packaging”. Red-brown envelopes will be an elegant addition to your invitations.

Wedding bouquet in the color of marsala

You don’t have to limit yourself when you choose the flowers for the wedding bouquet. You can choose your favorite flowers and skilled florists will create of them the wedding bouquet conforming the wedding style.

For the most successful compositions, will fit such flowers as:

  • orchids;
  • carnations;
  • peonies;
  • roses;
  • hydrangeas;
  • black tulips;
  • dahlias;
  • clematis.

And also: astilba, amaranthus, ranunculus, scabioses… Don’t be afraid to add other details to flowers. Excellent additions to the bouquet will be different berries, for example, berries hypericum, greenery for decoration, leaves, and artificial decorations. You can make a bouquet of flowers more gentle and airy through adding flowers of light tints. White lilies and callas are suitable for this. Occasionally, succulents are added to the bouquets.

You need to be careful with “gold” in creating a wedding bouquet. Gold color and gilt add excessive sophistication to bouquet. You may overuse by this color only in the too luxurious wedding decoration. For example, if you celebrate it in an elite restaurant, an ancient palace or an estate.

You need time to think about and create a deluxe wedding bouquet. So it is not a good idea to delay its order. Try to order a bouquet no later than 14 days before the wedding to have a carefully selected composition and timely delivery.

Clothing of the bride and groom in the color of sicilian wine

One of the most difficult points in wedding planning is image of the newlyweds. The color of the wedding style must be present, if not in the bride and groom’s clothes, then in additional details. The bride’s dress of the marsala color will fit perfectly to the stylization of the celebration. If you are not ready for such experiments, you can use the classical version. The accessories and decorations of bordeaux tones will complement snow-white dress.

Ruby earrings ​​and shoes of velvet texture are suitable for an image of the bride. Palette of makeup and manicure also play an important role, special attention should be paid to lipstick.

The suit in the color of marsala for the groom will look stylish and modern. If you prefer other options, you can choose blue, coffee or light brown color. A tie or a butterfly in the color of marsala may complement a classic image. In any case, the shirt must be only light color. For example, white or light blue color.

Wedding decoration in color of marsala

When you decorate a wedding, pay special attention to flower compositions. A grandiose arch decorated by flowers, weightless burgundy ribbons, massive fabrics is going to become a source of pride, on a par with a wedding cake. Bouquets on tables in the color of marsala will complement the full picture of the celebration. Such items as napkins, tablecloths and tableware should also go together with the color scheme of the wedding.

As the color of the design is associated with the name of the wine, adding “wine” ornaments will not be superfluous. Bottles of wine can be used instead of vases, and stands made of wine stoppers will be complements to general style. Also, wine stoppers might use as numbers which indicate the places for guests at the table.

You can add lace elements to make the atmosphere more elegant, you can add lace elements. White lace is remarkably combined with the color of marsala. You can decorate everything by lace, from napkins to dresses, it will not be too much.

In decoration you can boldly use gold color (for example, when you choose the vases for bouquets). It will make your wedding truly royal and splendid.

Wedding table in tints of marsala

Of course, the main decoration of the festive table is a wedding cake. Here you can experiment and make it an unusual color. Confectioners will make your every whim real. If you choose a white cake, it doesn’t make your wedding worse. You might decorate it with different flowers, fruits, cherries, currants, raspberries and paintings with golden glaze according your imagination.

Other desserts of ruby ​​color will only improve the picture. They will look good on white dishes, decorated by confectionery lace. Dishes can be served on the plates of the color of Marsala, it will not only match the atmosphere, but also will make them more appetizing.

It will not be superfluous to add drinks to the wedding table in the appropriate color scheme. To do this, you can choose berry drinks and hibiscus tea. You mustn’t forget about the main drink for the wedding in the color of marsala. Wine must be present on the table. Put grapes and cheese to it on the festive table, because they perfectly complement the wine.

Main palettes for wedding in color of marsala

The bright color of marsala is able to improve any design, but its excess will stand out. You need to pay attention to the following points to not fail in the combination of colors.

You should dilute this saturated color by light shades. It will look great with pink, white, peach, beige and gold, so it will be easy to choose decorations and outfits.

Additionally, the color is well combined with most shades of green and blue. But you should not combine the color of marsala with other saturated colors, it does not tolerate rivalry.

The combination of colors in many ways depends on the season. In summer and in the spring it is better to give preference to light shades. Add cream color, delicate pink, green and blue shades.

In the cold season, contrasts will be relevant: blue, gray, brown, plum, beige, and a combination of golden and marsala. The palette becomes darker and deeper.

These are the basic tips in the wedding decoration in the color of marsala. You can design your celebration in a romantic style, in the style of vintage or sheby-chic. But best of all, if you will show the maximum of creativity and create your own unique style.

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