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How to court the girl beautifully

04 August
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To court the girl, who you like means to make the world around much better, more colorful and more interesting. To achieve the desired result, you need to use proven for years methods, and also connect your imagination to this.

Features of courtship for a girl

Expressing of signs of attention is simple: you can call her during the day, ask about things that concern her, ask her how things are going, send pleasant sms with smiles and stickers. Also, courtship suggests that you will constantly show your attitude to her, show concern.

You should try to protect the girl from any trouble, respect her personal space. In addition, it should be remembered that all the fair sex people like pleasant gifts and surprises: soft toys, sweets, bouquets of flowers.

What are the options of courtship?

Of course, any courtship is limited only by your imagination, but if you can not think of anything, then you should resort to the classics:

  • romantic gestures – it can be like banal cute gifts, and interesting datings;
  • forget about the hackneyed and worn phrases – they just scare off the girl, who is liked by you;
  • a correct assessment of her appearance – remember that most women are not confident in themselves, so they need to be reminded of their beauty;
  • overseas travel to a romantic country – it always is liked by beautiful ladies;
  • a beautiful bouquet of flowers – such a gift is never obsolete, especially since you can choose a composition for your specific case.

Of course, choosing the option of courtship, you have to take into account the interests and hobbies of the girl.

Why is a bouquet of flowers always the best choice?

Flowers are an indispensable attribute of any dating. Even if the lady you like is considered a pragmatist, not a romantic, a beautifully chosen bouquet can melt her heart. After all, if you are able to pick up a bouquet for a girl, you can love her and carry her on hands. Even there is a special floral language, which should be taken into account when making up a bouquet for your beloved one.

If you feel a tender romantic feelings to the girl, then the flowers will help you express them without words.

What flowers can you give to beautiful ladies?

The most common bouquets during courtship are a variety of bouquets with roses. After all, they are considered the queen of the flower world. They point to fervent emotions, passion, strong love. But not only roses can talk of your feelings.

For example, in the spring often are given tulips, irises and hyacinths. These beautiful plants are symbols of great happiness, love, kindness, joy and tenderness. In summer, you can add fragrant lilies to the bouquet, which represent hope and purity.

Unusual bouquets of flowers such as violets, daisies, forget-me-nots look perfectly on the first romantic date. But if you already know the preferences of your beloved one, then it is better to take them into account first.

Color is an important attribute of a bouquet

When composing a bouquet to the person you like, it is very important to consider not only the appearance, but also the color of the flowers. White color means innocence, tenderness, kindness and calmness. Such bouquets can be given in the event that you want to please a woman with a pleasant surprise. Red shade is a symbol of passion, love and special feelings. That is why red roses are the most popular compositions on dates.

Yellow flowers are a symbol of wealth, talent and brightness. People often afraid to give them because of superstition that they bring separation, but this is completely wrong. Giving such a bouquet to your girl, you will bring her joy, sun and warmth. Orange buds are a positive and bright choice, but pink ones, on the contrary, give tenderness, help to show your sympathy. Blue flowers are very rarely given to women, although they symbolize mystery and originality.

Do not forget about additional gifts-surprises: sweets and soft toys. They will look great next to a beautiful bouquet. And STUDIO Flores will help you express your feelings with the help of beautiful compositions created by experienced florists.

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