How to choose an inexpensive bouquet of flowers?

23 September
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No holiday can be without ornaments, pleasant words and beautiful flowers. To surprise and please the guest of honor, you can give an inexpensive bouquet that reveals your feelings. Choose the appropriate flowers and design, think over the details and prepare a few kind words.

Rules for the selection of flower composition when making bouquets

Experienced florists know how to create a true masterpiece. High-quality composition is different by appearance. Proper combination of flowers in a bouquet is a guarantee that it will bring joy to the owner for more than one day. Complication is in the fact that the plants differ in chemical composition. Standing in the water, they secrete juice, which to some extent may affect their “neighbors.” Even different varieties of the same species sometimes do not get along in the same vase.

Start with a selection of primary flowers, and then complement the bouquet with those options that will coexist well with them. If a rose is used as main part of composition, pay attention to its size, leg length, and bud color. Small options may be complemented by the delphinium, day-lily or aquilegia. Gentle irises are suitable for compositions with large sorts of rose.

Tulips are distinguished by the original strict look. Light, small inflorescences perfectly complement and emphasize the main advantages of the composition. In the bouquet, you can add mimosa, chrysanthemum, bluebells.

A chrysanthemum offers us a huge variety of shades. Depending on the additional elements, you can get a different character of the bouquet. It can be gentle, romantic, strict and business. Alstroemeria, lily, gerbera are combined with chrysanthemum. Add one type of flowers and greens in order to not to overload the overall picture. As a design, you can pick up kraft paper, basket or hat box.

Shrubby flowers – are the best solution

Special attention is paid to the size of the bouquet, its height and lush. And if on a date you can present one rose, then for other celebrations will suit a more voluminous composition.

You can get a beautiful lush option with the help of bushy plants. These can be roses or chrysanthemums. Also suitable for greens are:

  • gypsophila;
  • ruscus;
  • solidago;
  • trachelium;
  • wax flower.

The advantage of bushy varieties is the posibility of creating a chic and inexpensive bouquet. Low cost does not deprive such options of refinement and beauty. The main task of the florist is to select and place the correct accents. For example, with the help of gypsophila, shrubby roses and gerberas you can create a real airy masterpiece.

Ruscus with large or small leaves will help to add volume, color and texture. Roses and lilies can be well accentuated with a twig of trachelium. All of these are available options that can transform the composition and add certain shades.

What to pay attention to when choosing flowers

Details are important in any business. Floral companies offer a wide selection of varieties, sizes, shades. It is difficult for an inexperienced buyer to orientate quickly in such a diversity. In preparation for any celebration do not rush and choose flowers carefully.

When you have determined the consist of the composition, inspect the available product. Flowers should be fresh, colorful, elastic. To determine, check the buds. Petals should be strong enough. It is better to buy some flowers not opened, for example, tulips. Inspect the part that was in the water – the leaves should be saturated, not sluggish.

Avoid excessive decor. Sparkles, tinsel, packaging around the buds are designed to hide flaws and give a presentation to the already fading plant. Remember that the beauty of fresh flowers does not need additional decoration.

Refer to reliable florists. The online store STUDIO Flores is a platform checked by hundreds of buyers. You can choose and order a ready-made bouquet or appeal to florists with personal wishes.

The advantages of the store are a good assortment, various options for price categories, extensive experience and prompt delivery to the specified location. To order just use the online form, which indicates the name, address and telephone number of the recipient. Choosing experience and professionalism, you provide yourself with reliable support.

Bring joy to your loved ones, give them flowers, smiles and receive in return what you cannot buy for money – warm tender feelings.

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