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Which bouquet to choose for the teacher on September 1?

23 September
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Knowledge Day is a holiday for everyone: children, parents and teachers. We all remember the kids who are walking in the early morning with an enormous bouquet. To please the teacher and present a worthwhile gift, it is enough to choose the right flowers, design and prepare a couple of pleasant words.

What bouquet to give to the teacher?

Everyone wants to stand out against the general background considering that on this day school employees receive more than one gift. So that the teacher remembers you, treat the choice carefully. Properly selected flowers are the key to success.

If a child wants to present a gift to the young school teacher on the school line, then pay attention to small inflorescences. This may be a shrubby rose, chamomile. Let it be light colors: white, blue. In the selected option should be lightness.

The teacher of middle age will appreciate the rich shades of red, orange. As the main element, you can choose sunflowers, supplemented with herbs, small chamomile, rose. On their own, they look very original also. Dark purple, blue, cream – these colors are suitable for teachers of retirement age. The muted shades of chrysanthemums will look noble, restrained and not lose their tenderness.

Also remember to choose flowers for male teachers. It’s all quite simple: long, strong stems, single-colored buds and simple packaging.

Bouquets of first-graders and older students

One of the tasks of parents is to choose an option that is not only beautiful, but also convenient. Remember that the child will have to present flowers. Kids, and even older guys, usually worry and get lost in such moments. So try to make the gift, which will not bring him inconvenience.

Pay attention to the design of the floral gift that the first-grader will give to the teacher. Giving flowers usually happens at the end of the school line or during the event. You have to stand for an hour, or even more. For a six-year-old, it’s not an easy task to be in one place for so long. Imagine if at the same time he will hold a volume heavy object with both hands. Tears and whims are guaranteed. You can avoid this by handing the child a small composition that is conveniently packaged and fits well in one hand.

More voluminous options are suitable student middle or high school. In order not to swamp the class teacher with dozens of bouquets, you can make a gift from the whole class. It can be a chic basket of flowers or a lush composition in its original packaging.

A few tips about choosing and decorating a bouquet

If you decide to make a gift by your own, then follow a few rules. Firstly, pick the primary flowers. It can be lilies, dahlias. Secondly, if these are variants with large buds, supplement them with something small, bushy. For field chamomile pick up a bright accent: a rose of red or another unusual color. Professional florists can offer excellent author compositions that take into account your wishes.

To make the bouquet standing and bringing joy to you more than one day, choose fresh flowers:

  • the bud should be open only half;
  • stems, leaves should be smooth, without scratches and damage;
  • the part that were standing in water should be saturated and dense;
  • flower or inflorescence have to look bright, elastic.

To get interesting bouquets on September 1, you can use a non-standard approach to the design. Florists use interesting ribbons, textured paper, boxes, baskets for this. As a supplement, give the teacher a gift in the form of a toy or an useful in the work thing. Men, as well as women, will enjoy sweets: a small chocolate or a box of chocolates.

Not only on the day of knowledge, but also throughout the school year, you can surprise teachers. You can order a bouquet with delivery directly to work.

The online store STUDIO Flores offers a wide selection of low-cost options and author compositions. Experienced florists will make a bouquet for both a first grader and a graduate school.

Do not forget to give smiles and flowers to your teachers, because they give you their hearts.

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