Bouquet for an anniversary: which one to choose?

24 December
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Choosing a bouquet for the anniversary, you must understand that the flowers should fully fit the theme of the holiday, express your feelings for the recipient, and also be liked by the hero of the occasion.

What kind of flowers is accepted to be given for an anniversary?

Regardless of your relationship with the person to whom you are going to give a flower composition and his gender, you must take into account several general rules:

  • the bouquet should be solemn — it is very important that the flowers symbolize this special holiday;
  • you should not use the traditional packaging made of cellophane, even if it seems beautiful to you, it is better to let it be an open composition, where every plant is visible;
  • no need to be limited to a small number of flowers, the bouquet should look gorgeous;
  • there are no restrictions on color, but try to make the composition bright.

What flowers are best to use when creating a bouquet? It is important to take into account the nature of the recipient, his interests, hobbies and individual preferences. For example, romantic persons fit roses, peonies, lilies or daffodils. If the hero of the day loves to grow house plants, you can give an orchid in a pot. A composition may consist of several different plants, especially if the recipient is a different by his cheerful character and loves everything extraordinary.

The recipient’s gender also should be taken into account. For a woman it is better to choose delicate feminine flowers: tulips, roses, daisies, orchids, carnations. Male bouquet on the anniversary should consist of chrysanthemums, gladioli, callas or lilies. These flowers can be combined in an elegant and strict composition. It is important that the plants remain on tall stems, and the shade of the buds is saturated and dark.

Red flowers are usually given to the beloved girls or wives, because they symbolize love and passion. Pink shade is considered universal, it can be used in bouquets for friends or acquaintances. White buds are tender, so they are great for young girls. If the hero of the occasion loves everything bright and unusual, you can stop at the flower composition of orange or yellow color.

Bouquet for an anniversary according to the age of the recipient

Each age is distinguished by its charm, special views on life and preferences. Therefore, when choosing a flower composition for an anniversary, it is important to consider the age of the guest of honor. It is better to give flowers of pastel, light shades with half-open buds for young girls. To a mature woman is more suitable bouquet of bright, already blossoming flowers.

Choosing a bouquet on the anniversary of your mother, you should focus on a composition that best shows your love and respect. Exquisite women after 45 years fit lilies of different shades. If the guest of honor loves originality, stop your choice on daffodils or orchids. These plants are particularly elegant and look unusual in a bouquet.

If you find it difficult to find the perfect option, professional florists of «Flores-Shop» will be happy to help with this.

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